Surge Protective Device (SPD of Primesolution Corp.


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Product Description

  1. Protecting from lightning surges and direct impulse currents
  2. Applicable for power liones, telecommnication, solar energy, ESS etc.
  3. For Class I, II, III
  4. Type : Surge box type, Din-rail type
  5. Approval : KS, CE, CB, UL etc.
**Price(EXW) : $15~790

Product Price

Price not indicated

Technical Details

1.Class I SPD
Iimp 10/350us  12.5kA/25kA(L-N Mode)
                   50kA / 100kA (N-PE Mode)
In 8/20us 12.5kA / 25kA / 50kA / 100kA

2.Class II
In 8/20us 20kA / 40kA / 80kA ….

3.Class III
Uoc 1.2/50us (8/20us) 6kV(3kA) / 10kV(5kA) /