[Super Brightening Essence] Restore original skin tone of All That Nature Co., Ltd


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Technical Details

▶How to Use:Apply a moderate amount and let it be absorbed to the whole face after using toner. Can be used as a base for a primary and secondary mask packs.

▶Skin Type:Whitening, preventing pigmentation, improving complexion, revitalising skin and anti imflammatory

▶Volume:Professional Size 250ml / Normal Size 100ml

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Description of the Product

for aesthetic salon use, high purity essential oil, for troubled skin type, anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, prevent loss of moisture, cell activating component, restore original skin tone, 6 type of peptide, blue mountain eucalyptus extract, smoothen and soften skin texture, gel type moisturising essence, eliminating waste from the body, maintain moisture for a long time, high-quality home care esthetic product, regenerate inside of skin, promote skin elasticity, smooth the skin texture, eye mask pack

Whitening essence helps to restore the original clear skin tone. It brightens the dull and dark skin tone. 

▶ Niacinamide has anti aging effect and prevents pimple and inflammation