Rare Earth Silicide and Cerium Mischmetal

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Product description

Application & Effect:
Rare Earth Silicide is used as a preconditioning treatment for Compacted Graphite and Spheroidal Graphite Iron to check the harmful effects of trace elements (impurities) present in the base Iron.
0 x 0.6 mm, 0.6 x 2 mm, 2 x 20 mm
Drums, Bulk Bags
Chemical Composition:
Al - 1.0% max
Ba - 2.0% max
Ca - 2.0% max
Fe - 1.0% max
Mn - 1.0% max
Si - 40 - 50%
Ti - 0.5% max
TRE - 30 - 35%
Application & Effect:
  • Cerium Mischmetal is added to nodularised Iron and offers a number of benefits which include:
  • Increased nucleating sites for Graphite precipitation
  • Extended effect of the nodularisation treatment
  • Nullification of the harmful effects of any trace elements present in the base Iron
  • Control of Graphite morphology from vermicular to nodular
30 g Trapezoids
Various sized containers. Small amounts are specially packed.
Chemical Composition:
Al - 0.2%
Ce - 50 to 53%
Fe - 0.5%
La - 20 to 36%
Mg - 0.3%
Si - 0.4%


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