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Product Description

Industrial Fermenter is used in a wide range of fields, from biomedicine, vaccines and industrial microbial culture.
In order to improve culture efficiency, the indirect sterilization method minimizes nutrient destruction in the growth medium, and the tank is easy to clean as it does not cause ripples in the growth medium or press into the tank.

'- Reduced variation of growth nutrient through hot water circulation through heat exchanger
- Automatic control system designed based on PLC and HMI
- Can be designed and installed according to user needs

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Technical Details

Indirect sterilization process
- Installation of temperature control
jacket on the surface of the reactor
chamber that has medium and
- Temperature control device supplies
cooling water and steam via
inlet/outlet passage formed in the
temperature control jacket
- Maintenance of optimum culture
condition of microorganisms by
deformation of the nutrient medium
Chiller Jacket Circulation pump Heat transfer
Jacket Sterilization Cooling