N2 PSA Generator of ASPE Inc.


Description of Product


1. General Description of ASPE N2 Generator
 Since 2000, ASPE has been through various and huge projects implemented worldwide. To be on a dominant position, ASPE has continuously focused on research and development by aggressive investment.
 The air we breathe contains roughly 78.09% nitrogen, 20.84% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide and the balance is other gases. N2 is separated from the air using PSA Technology (Process is similar to that of O2 Generator).
The process centers on a molecular sieve known as CMS (Carbon Molecular sieve).
Under normal operating conditions, which include the use of clean dry air for separation, the sieve will last indefinitely.

2. About N2 PSA Generator
N2 PSA generator is based on utilizing the characteristics of CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) faster and more than Nitrogen from the air. The process of N2 generator consist of several steps such as Pressurization, Production, Purge steps, Equilibrium of pressure, Desorption and all these steps repeated in order to separate N2 gas.

Injection molding, Purge, Laser cutting, Fire extinguisher, packing, Beer, Heat treatment,
soldering, Reflow, Photo Lab and Electronics.

1. Air Compressor
 Air compressor is the used to produce compressed air. Compressed air is used for separating nitrogen from air. In the process of compression, moisture and heat happen. To remove them, built-in or independent air dryer and after-cooler are necessary.

2. Air Receiver Tank
 Air receiver tank is the equipment used to keep supplying the compressed air of certain pressure to the nitrogen generator stably. It is also for the purpose of handling the load of compressor properly.

3. Filter
 It is used for removing dust, particle and oil, etc. in compressed air

4. Desiccant Air dryer
 This is used for removing moisture by using adsorbent. it consists of two adsorbers and it has the repeated cycles of adsorption and regeneration.

5. PSA generator
 In order to separate nitrogen from the compressed air, CMS(Carbon Molecular Sieve) is used as adsorbent, PSA system consist of pressurization, production, purge, equilibrium of pressure and regeneration.

6. Nitrogen Storage Tank
 It is a buffer (storage) tank used to supple the oxygen certain pressure, flow, purity.

7. LCP(Local Control Panel)
 LCP has control of the whole system into operating manually or automatically. It also indicates purity, pressure and flow of the produced nitrogen.

8. Nitrogen supply
 The purity of the produced nitrogen is up to 99%, flow and pressure depend on customer's needs.

9. LN2 Storage tank
 It is the equipment for storing liquid nitrogen.

10. LN2 vaporizer
 It is the equipment for changing nitrogen from liquid into gas through vaporization.

11. Gas supply unit
 In order to supply vaporized nitrogen with the certain pressure

12. LCP
 It controls the heater that is used when the vaporized nitrogen of certain temperature is required.