Foamex Foam Metal Filters

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Product description

Application & Effect:
Foamex Silicon Carbide foam filters are characterized as having a Dodecahedron structure that offers a highly effective and efficient method of filtration with excellent hot strength properties.

Foam filters provide the most effective method of removing non-metallic, exogenous inclusions such as Mg Sulphide, Oxide and Silicates. Variation in melt cleanliness, nodularisation and inoculation technique will increase variation of flow and filling rates.

Larger endogenous inclusions which originate from sand erosion, turbulent pouring and undissolved inoculants can also be effectively prevented from entering the casting cavity at the inlet area of the filter face.
From 40 mm to 100 mm square.

Thickness 15 mm, 22 mm - other sizes available upon request.


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