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The recently introduced CFSW hinges with built-in safety switch and the RH-FG16 series of tubular handles, also with built-in safety switch, highlight a significant development for standard component manufacturers Elesa. These products reflect the increasing need for electrical machine protection devices in association with safety screens and cages or control enclosures and cabinets. In this situation they ensure that dangerous machinery or other equipment is neutralized when the access door is opened – so providing a vital safety aspect for operator and service personnel.

Technical Details

Elesa gives customers a choice – to install the safety cut-off as part of a door hinge or integrated with a standard handle installation.
No longer do installers of machines, conveyors or other industrial equipment need to add an extra push button with mounting box and extra wiring. Now installers can make use of a safety cut-off built in to the guard or housing with corresponding savings in equipment and fitting costs.


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