Cytokine hairloss solution of Woorhi Mechatronics Co., Ltd.


Product Description

The cytokine scalp solution is dedicated to scalp care that promotes hair growth, normalizes growth cycles, and inhibits hair loss inducement factors. It is characterized by natural ingredients that are harmless to the human body, and its composition consists of four powder solutions (100ml) and one functional tonic (30ml). This product can be applied directly to the scalp once a week for a total of 8 weeks, and can be used with MTS devices to maximize the effect.

Product Price

From 120.00 USD

Technical Details

  • "Cytokine" hair growth factor of powder type
  • Maximization of active ingredients through own technology of Genetic recombination
  • Systematic scalp management, 1set for a week
  • Various clinical datas demonstrating efficacy