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Product Description

CKS-CODE is an automatic welding machine. And this product, CKS-CODE Y, is for the vertical weld. It can weld of CO2, TIG, MIG. You just can use this machine by connecting a welding machine what you you want use to PLC pannel of CKS-CODE. After the setting for process, you can push the start button once, then the machine will work. It will make your welding process be smater and faster.

Product Price

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Technical Details

Size(cm) : 62*80*80
Weight(kg) : 200
Weld materials : pipe, flange, elbow
Welding position : Vertical weld
Welding type available : CO2, TIG, MIG
Weld pipe sizes available : 110A ~ ( Welding on a buge pipe is available depending on customization.)
Voltage : 330V