Albert Jagger Antiluce Fasteners

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Our well established export division has always been a vitally important part of the business contributing significantly to the companys turnover.
Selling through a combination of strategic partnerships with international distributors (Pan European, North America, Scandinavia, Australia, & New Zealand) as well as an extensive network of international agents. We recognise the importance of intim...

Product description

Designed originally for securing lorry side and tailboards, it's use has been extended to pallets, transit crates, lockers and a wide range of machinery.

Essentially, a captive cotter which dispenses with loose cotters and chains. It is secure, robust and simplicity itself to use. It eliminates lost cotters, broken chains and damaged paintwork.

Technical Details

It is a complete fastener in itself and it's one piece construction saves time in fitting compared with the two parts of a peg and cotter fastening.


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