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Kompass is a valuable sales & marketing tool for companies and users in all activity sectors

From SMB's

large corporations

Whether you are a large international company or an SMB, whether you want to enhance your sales & marketing activities locally or look to expand your markets internationally, Kompass is the right tool for you. It offers access to a unique global business information database, as well as powerful search tools and marketing solutions.

With market analysis, lead generation, targeting, internal database optimization, marketing list building… Kompass can help to enhance all of your existing sales & marketing team activities.

Kompass activity sectors
  • For sales teams

    For sales teams

    Kompass will help target the best potential prospects and facilitate their follow-up.

  • For marketing teams

    For marketing teams

    To keep you up-to-date with the evolution of your current markets, identify new companies in your activity sector and research competitors.

  • For decision-makers

    For decision-makers

    Source potential product & service suppliers, as well as identify market information that can be used to help define global strategy.

  • For finance & legal teams

    For finance & legal teams

    To establish commercial reliability and evaluate financial risks, with access to detailed financial information.

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