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Protec Plastics

Protec Plastics

Moulded Platics Protective Components at the Best Price in the Market Protec offers multi-application protective caps, plugs, cable-glands and connectors for all industries such as hydraulic and pneumatic, pipe and flange, wire & cable, vehicles, fabrication, construction, automotive. Protec products and capabilities include protection for powertrains, fuel systems, steering systems, brake systems and banjo union connections. Protec manufactures a wide range of flange joint spray-out protectors and high temperature masking protection parts. Protec production capabilities include manufacturing with a variety of materials including PP, nylon, LDPE, HDPE, PP, TPE, and PPS. Production processes at Protec use virgin source materials only. Over 80 injection moulding machines and dip moulding capabilities are available and Protec holds more than 400 million parts in stock at all times. Protec is the global market leading provider of protection and finishing caps and plugs, manufacturing and distributing plastic protective caps and plugs, strain relief connectors and metal protective products. Operating units in several countries serve a very broad base of more than 10.000 customers with a rapid supply of primarily plastic products for protection and finishing applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, pneumatics, oil and gas, tubular pipeline products and electronics. Protec meets the most stringent demands of safety and operations reliability. International approvals and certifications such as UL, CSA, VDE, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12 and VDA 6.2 assures you of our quality commitment. Should you require information about i.e. threaded caps, pipe caps, protective plugs or cable glands, please contact the Protec sales team. Or simply request a free copy of our Protec product catalogue full of plugs, protective caps, plastic caps, flange protection and protection components. Protec's low priced products are designed specifically to meet with universal industrial approval at all levels. Consequently by choosing Protec as your No. 1 supplier you will benefit from Protec's unique position of offering products of the highest technical specification at the lowest price in the market. Now ! Is the time to reduce your costs. More Information on our Products Pipe Protection Caps Pipe Protection Plugs Pipe End FlexiPlugs Tapered Protection Plugs Pull Ring Tapered Plugs Snap-Fit Grip Plugs Thermoplastic Rubber Plugs Flanges Banjo Union Caps Protection Caps Stud Protection Caps Silicone Caps Barrel Plugs Threaded Sealing Plugs Threaded Caps Plastic Protectors Protective Caps and Plugs Plastic Pipe Caps Cable Glands

Supplier of:

  • Plastic sections
  • Plastic products
  • Mouldings, expanded/foam plastic, to customer specification...
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