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Borg & Overström

Borg & Overström

About us We're designers and makers of world-class drinking water solutions. Our story began with a passion for excellence and a desire to always be the best at what we do. Since our first office water cooler design, our commitment to innovation has driven our global success. Originality is our cornerstone In everything we do we believe in challenging mediocrity. Every Borg & Overström water dispenser and tap system is built to exceed expectations. Global reach for enhanced refreshment Our international facilities and relationships give our distributors the edge. Route to market - Our customers are our distributors We do not sell and never have sold direct to an end user. A 100% commitment to trade only We created the Borg & Overström Academy to give our distributors enhanced access to our mission and vision. Our training empowers our partners to become leaders in their marketplace, and to become technical and servicing experts. Marketing support Because our success depends on yours, we go out of our way to provide you with the best in marketing support as a Borg & Overström distributor. Whether it’s personalised printed and digital marketing, display materials for your showroom, or a full suite of media assets (images, videos, logos, and more), we supply them. Manufacturing Produced in the UK to stringent quality control measures, our OEM and Borg & Overström branded water machine systems come with a standard one year warranty. We are proud to partner with world-class, industry leading brands Become a distributor

  • Cleaning products and detergents, by use
  • Cleaning products for drinking water supply installations
  • Drink or food dispensers for the catering industry...

Teknomek Ltd

Teknomek is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hygienic stainless steel equipment and furniture. We began back in 1987, primarily to service the red meat industry. Fast-forward to today and Teknomek is part of the furniture across all kinds of hygiene-conscious environments – from food to pharmaceutical, medical to scientific research. Our customers in the UK, Europe, US and beyond, all have the same priority: high quality equipment and furniture that adheres to the strictest industry hygiene requirements. Intelligent, Hygienic Design Our products are long lasting and easy to clean through their intelligent design – with minimal dirt traps and manufactured to exacting standards. Our stainless steel products manufactured on-site are from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, so it can withstand rigorous cleaning routines without corroding, whether by pressure, temperature or chemical cleaning. We have strict guideline of the standard our products have to reach, which insures all our factored products meet the same standard as our manufactured products. “Every new product is introduced with a simple brief: to ultimately manage risk and save user time by reliably supporting the most rigorous of hygiene routines.” Our standard manufactured and custom-designed products are made in the UK, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Norwich. We can customise many of our products to suit your specific requirements, and produce bespoke items with the help of our expert in-house engineering team.Continuous product development means we are always compliant with ever-changing industry regulations and standards, which is why our customers have come to depend on the Teknomek name.

  • Food
  • Food packaging services
  • Packaging services for vegetables
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