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OUR JOURNEY SO FAR There are over 300,000 Ethnic Minority-owned Businesses (EMBs) in the UK, representing over 7% of all SMEs. This entrepreneurial community brings with it a proven track record of innovation, hard-work and customer loyalty, as well as flexibility and cultural insight. Diversity helps supply chains become more competitive, nimble and profitable. Under-representation of EMBs in both public and private sector not only hinders inclusive growth but deprives large organisations with an alternate supply chain option that brings new ideas to market and benefits the bottom-line. MSDUK is proud to champion the best of British Ethnic Minority Businesses and work with progressive global corporations that understand the value of supply chain inclusion and diversity. Since 2006, we have worked with over 125 global brands and more than 1500 EMBs, introducing hundreds of new ideas, products and supply chain solutions and securing £735m worth of business for EMBs. We dedicate ourselves to inspire the next generation of Ethnic Minority founders; offering them a platform to showcase their innovative ideas, and provide them access to knowledge, investment and market, helping them grow and achieve their dreams! OUR CORPORATE NETWORK MSDUK prides itself in getting consistent support from British and global firms, representing a wide range of industries. Our networks form the backbone of the year-round support. They help us make Britain a more inclusive and prosperous society. OUR EMB NETWORK We have worked hand-in-hand with our corporate members to understand their individual supply chain dynamics; what, how, and when they buy, and capabilities they look for in any new suppliers. This has helped us build and extended network of over 3,000 EMBs that are in over 40 different industry sectors and are of varied sizes and capabilities. Our certification programme then helps us recruit the most relevant suppliers from this extended pool of 3,000+ supplier network. What is EMB certification? - Click here to find out more INDUSTRIES: Office Supplies and Promotional Goods Recruitment IT Health Care Manufacturing Training Construction and Interior Design Apparel and Clothing Facilities Management Advertising, PR, Sales and Marketing Print, Design and Graphics FinTech AI Business Services/Consultancy Hospitality and Catering OUR GLOBAL NETWORK MSDUK is proud to be associated with the global supplier diversity alliance (GSDA) that has MSDUK-like affiliated organisations in USA, Australia, Canada, China and South Africa. OUR PARTNERS We at MSDUK are committed to building an ecosystem of partners that works collaboratively to build an inclusive economy, supports start-ups and high-growth ethnic minority businesses. We believe that developing sustainable businesses, sharing knowledge and networks is a mutual benefit for all. As we build this interdependent ecosystem, our thanks go to these organisations that have partnered with us in our mission.

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Companies in Leicestershire include Fistreem International Limited.