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W & J Knox Ltd

PO Box 1
Mill Road
Kilbirnie Ayrshire KA25 7DZ
United Kingdom

Company information W & J Knox Ltd


Nets for fish farming, camouflage, sport and industry.
W & K Knox Ltd, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire is a manufacturer of Cage Nets, Predator nets, Camouflage Nets, Sports & Industrial Nets, Sweep Nets etc.
We also provide a complete net service which includes Washing, Heat Disinfecting, Repairing, Re-Antifouling and Modifications. Careful Handling of Nets Saves Both Time & Money For both Knox & our Customers. The Investment in a Tower Crane has Contributed Greatly to this end
W&J Knox Completed the Process of Upgrading the Registration of the Company's Existing Quality Standard to ISO 9001: 2000 in 2004 and is Currently Working towards the Environmental Standard ISO 14001

General Information

Year established 1778
Registration no 00473980
Type of company Head Office
VAT GB 455 4353 44 006
Fax +44 1505 682980
Website http://www.wjknox.co.uk


  • Clydesdale Bank PLC


Area : Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central/East Europe, West. Europe, North America, Central America, South America


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Key figures W & J Knox Ltd


  • Company

    100-249 Employees


  • 2015

    10,689,931 GBP

  • 2011

    10,000,000 GBP

  • 2010

    9,000,000 GBP

  • 2009

    7,000,000 GBP

Executives W & J Knox Ltd

Executive information

Mr J. Templeton

Production Director

Mr J. Traynor

Managing Director

Mr J.R. Dehany

Sales Director

Mr R. Dehany

Director & General Manager