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Rumpel & Cie

Bachmatten 8
4435 Niederdorf

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Nature of business:
Rumpel & Cie is an independent bar turning company. The company manufactures precision turned parts, axles an special-purpose screws and bolts. It can machine diameters of 4 to 65 mm an lenghts of up to 600 mm. All parts are produced exclusively to customer drawings. The majority of Rumpel & Cie's work involves machining stainless steels on modern six-, eight and Swiss-type single-spindle automatic lathes and CNC machining centres. Highly efficient automated finishing units complete the versatile range of machinery for the production of turned parts of the required quality.

General Information

Year established 1932
Handelsregister-Nr. CHE-102.530.255
Legal form Limited partnership
Type of company Head Office
VAT CHE-102.530.255 MwSt
Fax +41 61 956 90 21
Website http://www.rumpel.ch


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  • UBS AG, Rheinstrasse 12, 4410 Liestal, Swift: UBSWCHZH40A
  • Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, , 4410 Liestal, Swift: BLKBCH22XXX


Area : West. Europe


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    ISO 9001:2015 2017

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  • On site

    20-49 Employees

  • Company

    20-49 Employees

Executives Rumpel & Cie

Executive information

Herr Peter Rumpel

MD/Chief Operating Officer (Geschäftsleiter)

Herr Jean Paul Böglin

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)

Herr Giuseppe Bloise

Production Director/Manager (Leiter Nachbearbeitung)

Herr Christoph Eicher

Technical Director/Manager (Technische Leitung)

Frau Ibolya Simon

Quality Control Director/Manager (Qualitäts Management)

Frau Veronica Maggiore

Commercial Director/Manager (Administration)

Frau Huguette Vogt-Rumpel

Director (Kommanditärin)

Frau Denise Buser-Rumpel

Director (Kommanditärin)

Herr Peter Rumpel

Director (Unbeschränkt haftender Gesellschafter)

Activities Rumpel & Cie

Main activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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