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Pulseguard Limited

Unit 1, Greg Street Industrial Estate
Stockport Cheshire SK5 7BS
United Kingdom

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Pulsation Dampers that do; flow goes through but pressure pulsation does not. PulseGuard Ltd. designs and manufactures in-line, flow through pulsation dampers, hydro pneumatic accumulators, single connection accumulators for flow fluctuations, surge arrestors, and other related pressure vessels / fluid flow control equipment. Some specialties include bladderless dampers, thermal expansion and contraction (volumetric) compensators, surge alleviators, shock alleviators, piston type hydraulic accumulators, indicating accumulators, bladder type accumulators, water hammer arrestors, as well as other pressure control and safety equipment. Computer aided vibration and pulsation analysis or diagnostics (measurement and diagnostics of piping systems by pressure, amplitude and frequency) and computer modeling for pump start up surge, rundown vacuum impulsion, and valve closure time based water hammer or shock analysis are also available. Pulseguard Ltd. Guarding Against Pressure Pulsation ( http://www.pulseguard.co.uk/ ) Shockguard Ltd. Guarding Against Shock, Surge and Water Hammer ( http://www.shockguard.co.uk/ ) HydroTrole Ltd. Offshore Oil and Gas Hydro Pneumatic Accumulators ( http://www.hydrotrole.co.uk/ ) Liquid Dynamics Pulsation Analysis, Diagnostics, and Prediction by Software ( http://www.ldi.co.uk/ ) Keyword: Pulsations DampenersKeyword: Pulse GuardKeyword: Liquid Dynamics International LtdKeyword: Pulse DampenersKeyword: Pump Dampers

General Information

Year established 1998
Registration no 03665881
Legal form Private Limited
Type of company Head Office
Fax +44 161 480 9627
Website http://www.pulseguard.co.uk



    Suction Dampener/Cavitations Preventer

  • FLEXO 

    Pulsation Dampener


    Liquid in bladder, high frequency, pressure response stabilizer


    Flange faced unit to ANSI B16.5 or metric PN/DN standards


    PTFE Process System Damper/Protector


    Pulsation damper with integral t-piece


    Hydraulic accumulator of capacities in excess of 5,000 litres


    Pulsation damper with crevasse free polished parts to the drug standard


    Hydro pneumatic compresator for high and low temperature fluids


    Accumulator with a one piece moulded bladder available from highly inert elastomerformulations


Area : Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central/East Europe, West. Europe, North America, Central America, South America

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Executive information

Mrs. Diane Bebb

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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Other classifications (for some countries)

SIC (GB 2007) :
Manufacture of compressors (28132)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Manufacture of other pumps and compressors (2813)
Manufacture of other pumps, compressors, taps and valves (2813)