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Meister Solution, Solution, Software, MICE, Exhibition, Exposition, Festival, Event Planning, ICT

#Company Introduction
Introduction: Phyllis is a princess of Thrace in Greek myology. She falls in love with Athene&s prince, Demophon, and marries with him. However, she commits a suicide after waiting for Demophon who left the country, longing for his hometown. Gods who pitied her, changed her into a tree. Demophon came back and hugged her. Then, the leaf grew from the tree. Phylla which means tree leaf in Greek, derived from her name.
Phyllis Corp. was established in February, 2013. In Aug 2014, it was appointed as (Preliminary) a social corporation by Daejon City. In May 2017, it was chosen as a social corporation by department of employment and labor. Just like the love story in the mythology, we seek to flourish the leaves through people and business. Our vision is to share our fruit and comfort with others.

#Main Products
MICETAR service is application production solution for MICE events. Anyone can create mobile application(ios, android) for the event. Throughpc website, just click several time and type data. Then mobile application connected with the website is automatically created for you to manage small event within 100 participants or international MICE event with more than 1,000 participants in real time.

#Technology Explanation
Meister applies various communications(beacon, gps) in order to well manage participants in the event. Moreover, throughdigital brochure function with contents management system, you can take advantage of information search, reduce cost of printing and manufacturing fee.

General Information

Year established 2013
Co.Registration No 314-86-44575
Type of company Head Office
Fax +82 42 3670474

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    7 Employees

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  • 2017

    395,000 USD

  • 2016

    240,456 USD

  • 2015

    133,010 USD

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Executive information

Seongae Hwang

Communications Director/Manager

Myungjin Baek

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

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Nov 30 2018
New product

PHYLLIS launches solution MICETAR next month to be the star of MICE industry