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Company information Optical Coating Technologies


Optical Coating Technologies Ltd., founded in 1999, is a highly regarded applicator of coatings onto plastics. As our company name suggests, our speciality is in applying high quality optically clear coatings that enhance the function, performance, durability and appearance of thermoplastic products. Such coatings can be found on protective eye wear such as goggles, visors and face masks as well as instrument housings, protective screens and display screens. The purpose of the coatings being to give the product specific properties - for example: anti-fog properties, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. The abrasion resistance and chemical resistance also makes our coating services of enormous benefit to the automotive industry, whether it be on ambient lighting, external lighting and trim or on cabin interior switches. Geared up for handling pre-production / development batch sizes through to volumes measured in tens of thousands, we have the resources and experience to cope with whatever you require.   Located in the centre of the UK, we have clients throughout the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and even further afield. Utilising economic methods of component handling and capable of coating complex 3D shapes, Optical Coating Technologies is the company to talk to if you want to improve the function of optical thermoplastics.   All our coatings are applied in an ISO 5 clean room (and within the clean room are ISO 1 standard areas). We have a wide range of application methods, including dip coating, flow coating, spin coating and spray coating. This means we can take flat or formed sheets, injection mouldings or extrusions and apply the coating in the most cost effective way. Our coatings will give their thermoplastic base a range of new properties, such as: UV resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, anti-graffiti, anti-static, mark resistance and anti-fog / non-mist. These types of properties are essential for adding value and extending the lifespan of the product. Cured either thermally or by UV, we can coat a wide range of sizes and quantities and welcome the opportunity to help develop new coating solutions.   Plus we can apply gold, silver, copper and aluminium on to plastics, glass and metals by vapour deposition. An example here would be the application of gold onto visors used in the steel industry where heat as well as light reflection is needed. The metals we apply are 99.99% pure and can be applied to allow light transmission or be "solid" to give perfect reflection for mirrors.   A third strand to our product range is the stockholding of ready coated polycarbonate sheets. These can be supplied as sheets or cut to your final shape and size using our in house fabrication equipment, which includes a 3 axis CNC. To ensure a very short lead time we carry stocks of 1mm to 6mm thick sheet coated on one and both sides. Both clear coated and non-glare coated sheets are likewise stocked. Used in signage applications where anti-glare and abrasion resistance is required, these sheets can also be provided in a range of different colours.   Optical Coating Technologies is a key manufacturer of tinted visors for the welding and thermal spray markets. The visors can be supplied at various shades / transmissions to meet European Standard BS EN169:2002. As with all our services, we can process your free issue material or we can supply the complete package.   As a member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), Optical Coating Technologies recognises the role it plays in the safety industry. In addition, we are approved to OHSAS 18001:2007, the British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. We also hold ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.   Purchased by Impreglon UK in January 2014, Optical Coating Technologies can now enjoy the benefits of a worldwide presence as well as additional resources to develop and promote its unique range of coating services.  

Key phrases: Abrasion / chemical resistant coating for automotive trim / switches
Key phrases: Hard abrasion resistant coatings
Key phrases: Anti-fog non-mist coatings
Key phrases: Dual anti-fog abrasion coatings
Key phrases: Hard coatings for plastics
Key phrases: Coatings for sign & display screens
Key phrases: Anti-microbial coatings

General Information

Year established 1998
Registration no 03676535
Type of company Head Office
Fax +44 1827 51918
Website http://www.optical-coatings.com

Key figures Optical Coating Technologies


  • Company

    10-19 Employees


  • 2016

    500 000 to 1 million GBP

Executives Optical Coating Technologies

Executive information

  • Mr Guy Williams

    Managing Director

Activities Optical Coating Technologies

Other classifications (for some countries)

SIC (GB 2007) :
Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, mastics and sealants (20301)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics (2030)
Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics (2022)

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