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Date: 09 June 2021 02:05

End: 30 September 2021 02:05

EGOJIN Co., Ltd. opened the first fitness equipment shopping mall in Korea in 1999 and is an excellent company that continues to occupy the No. It has a diverse lineup of aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, fitness cycles, and steppers, as well as weight equipment and yoga equipment, and is also running a rental business. Recently, it ha...

Date: 06 May 2021 02:02

End: 30 September 2021 02:02

Pocheon Social Welfare announced on the 6th that it had delivered 900 children's gym balls worth 10 million won, which were donated by EGOJIN(CEO Lee Jong-ae) on the 3rd, to 74 daycare centers through the Pocheon City Daycare Center Association (Chairman Lee Kyung-hee).

EGOJIN Co., Ltd. is a shopping mall specializing in living fitness e...
Sep 10 2020
Press release

CEO Interview

Date: 10 September 2020 01:56

End: 20 September 2021 01:56

Lee Jong-ae, CEO of EGOJIN, an exercise equipment company, said, “The demand for home training has been remarkably increasing recently due to the spread of COVID-19.

In the past, aerobic exercise through treadmills occupied most of home training, but recently, there is a trend to equip each line with products that help aerobic and muscul...