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GPS information,location information,Location tracker,real time location,real time location information,route data,driving logbook,positioning terminal

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A creative partner that connects people andtechnology
IOTPLEX Co., Ltd. is a venture company that builds mobile device products and location control systems using GPS and we have become a leading loT company in Korea.
The developed systems are used in domestic logistics companies, transportation companies, public organizations and many other companies. We can proudly say that oursystems are accurate and have fast LBS(Location Basted System).
We have patents and trademarks related to location control systems, and our research institutes are actively studying real-life location information systems.
In recognition of our technological prowess, wehave been selected as a Busan outstanding company and registered by the Public Procurement Service. And we have been steadily growing and rapidly developing in the GPS location control markets.

We aim to build bridges with people.
Our remarkable growth is based on the best products, differentiated services, a great wealth of experienced researchers, the passion of the production line employees and our professional way of doing business. We are also committed to continuous research and development in order to become a more diverse and progressive company.

IOTPLEX Co., Ltd. is leading the fourth industrial revolution
Our company is a venture company that operates a total solution that controls the location of vehicles and people by utilizing the LTE wireless communication network and GPS location information. We are commercializing ultra-small positioning terminal capable of ultra-precise position control and its control system.
Real-time location information monitoring and structured vehicle information control systems are designed to enable consumers to collect, store and analyze information.
If this technology is applied to the control of the position of the vehicle, it is possible to efficiently manage the vehicle by simultaneously grasping the current position of the plurality of vehicles and the vehicle driving state in the case ofthe logistics vehicle. It can be applied to all fields requiring asset management such as children, the elderly with dementia, disabled, bikes, and ships.
Currently, domestic public corporations and largecorporations are aware of the superiority of our products and are using them for efficiency. And we are continuing research and developmentfor the overseas market.

◦ Multi-position control applicable to various fields
Currently, the number of accidents involving the elderly living alone and the elderly with dementia is increasing, and the accidents involving leisure participants are increasing. There is a need for a location tracking system that displays both latitude and longitude in preparation for emergencies.
The GPS positioning system, which is the HW of this location information system, is designed as an in-tenna type. It is concealable, has a small volume,and can check the precise location of latitude and longitude. Therefore, it is applicable not only for the car, but also for the elderly with dementia, preschoolers, disabled people and leisure population.

◦ Efficient vehicle management
Simultaneous identification of the current position of the registered vehicles and the vehicle operation status enables efficient dispatch. In addition, by detecting the location of the vehicle in real time, it is possible to prevent theft and smuggling through remote the use of a control, and it ispossible to make a systematic driving logbook by backing up the driving record for 3 months.

◦ Safety assisting device
It enables a quick rescue response in the case of the disappearance of patients with dementia, children and accidents involving leisure participants. It is also available as a safety assisting device for blind and autistic children by providing a notification service through SMS and App when entering or leaving a certain area. It can also be applied to prevent the loss of a dog.

◦ Vehicle information measurement hardware / software integrated solution implementationit is possible to reduce the maintenance cost of the vehicle due to efficient dispatch management, manage the outsourced business of the sales vehicle, and organize the vehicle driving log by constructing a terminal that can accurately manage the location information of the vehicle, and a system that's capable of controlling the vehicle.

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Year established 2015
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