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Inelco Grinders A/S

Industrivej 3
9690 Fjerritslev

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Manufacture and Export:
Inelco Grinders is a world leading supplier of:
Tungsten electrode grinders
Portable electrode grinders
Dry ginders
Wet grinders
Electrode grinders
Tungsten grinders
Tungsten electrode cutters

General Information

Year established 2010
Type of company Head Office
VAT DK32652964
Fax +45 96 50 62 32
Website http://www.inelco-grinders.com


  • Wolframelektrodesliber 

  • Tungsten electrode grinder 

  • Wolframschleifgerät 

  • Neutra 

  • Inelco 

  • Green Pointer 

  • Wolframelektrodeschleifer 

  • AutoGrind 

  • Neutrix 


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Area : Worldwide

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    9 Employees

Executives Inelco Grinders A/S

Executive information

Anders Thy

Manager (Direktion)

Peter Kondrup Steen

Chairman (Bestyrelsesformand)

Jens Christian Egholm Jensen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Anders Thy

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Anders Thy

Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Økonomi)

Anders Munk

Purchasing Director/Manager (Indkøb)

Anders Thy

Sales Director/Manager (Salg)

Claus Brandsborg

Sales Director/Manager (Salg)

Sheilla Vestergaard

Sales Director/Manager (Salg)

Anders Thy

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)

Anders Thy

R & D Director/Manager (Udvikling)

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