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Nature Headquarters
Year established 1984
Legal form Limited company
Corporate capital 100,000 CHF
Handelsregister-Nr. CHE-112.923.047
VAT no CHE-112.923.047 MwSt

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Business activity:

We give advice on all aspects of sliding bearing technology to find the optimal solution for you. The goal of our entire team is to handle your orders smoothly, reliably and on time. Due to the flexible structure of our organisation, we can always provide you the best possible service. We have one of the most comprehensive sliding bearing assortments in Switzerland, such as sintered bearings, rolled dry sliding bearings, sliding bearings made of carbon, fibre composite sliding bearings, plastic sliding bearings, bronze bushings or turned parts made of bronze and brass, as well as sintered filters, steel bushings and much more.

In addition, take advantage of our core competence, the production of precision parts in contract manufacturing using our broad and modern machinery.

Our company thrives and evolves

Since 1984, we have been manufacturing and distributing high-quality sliding bearings as an independent manufacturing company. As a committed business partner, customer benefit is our top priority. Our business principles are as follows:
- competent consulting
- high quality standard
- adherence to schedules
- reliability
- fair price policy
We are a lean, flexible company, fully aimed at the needs of our customers. Continuous improvement ensures our competitiveness.

Sliding bearings made of bronze DIN ISO 4379 (DIN1850-1)
As one of the leading sliding bearing manufacturers in Switzerland, we produce sliding bearings and finished parts on modern CNC processing machinery. According to your specifications, samples or drawings as well as DIN and ISO standards we supply sliding bearings made of copper alloys, ready to install - both individual parts as well as small, medium and large series.
- individual manufacture of bearing bushes, flanged bushes, half shells, and more.
- small, medium and large series
- repairs

Solid sliding bearings made of bronze are suitable for numerous applications and are the most commonly used type. The bronze material is particularly suitable for demanding bearings in challenging environments. The properties of the bearings are determined by selecting a suitable material alloy, the fit and the lubricants to be used with any lubrication grooves according to DIN ISO 12128 (formerly DIN 1850-2). The standard DIN ISO 4379 (formerly DIN 1850-1) serves as the basis.

Rolled sliding bearings according to DIN ISO 3547-4

Different bearing types and different materials have been developed, suitable for a huge variety of applications. If you do not find the desired sliding bearing type, please get in contact with us. Our consultants are happy to advise you.

- GGT11 (bronze + tin bronze + PTFE sliding layer)
- GGT20 (steel + tin bronze + POM sliding layer)
- GGT30 (INOX + tin bronze + PTFE sliding layer)
- GGT40 (steel + tin bronze + PTFE + fibre sliding layer)
- GGT50 (steel + tin bronze + PTFE sliding layer)
- GGT80 (steel + tin bronze + PEEK and PTFE sliding layer)
- GGT090 (CuSn8P bronze with lubrication pockets)
- high performance sliding bearing GGT090M (bronze containing nickel)
- bimetallic sliding bearings (carrier plate on which a metallic sliding layer is sintered on)
- special bearings
- other versions available on request

We also manufacture sliding bearings in special sizes and as special parts, let us advise you.

MBW Sliding bearings and sliding components

MBW sliding bearings and sliding components consist of a base made of highly wear-resistant copper alloys. At regular intervals, solid lubrication pockets are embedded in the sliding surfaces. The distribution of these pockets is adapted to the movement. The stable bronze body can absorb high loads, while any dirt particles can be kept in the solid lubrication pockets.
- individual manufacture
- small and medium series
- special designs according to your specifications or drawings are possible

Even small sliding movements set free solid lubricant due to micro abrasion. It will form on the sliding partners a firmly adhering solid lubricant film with a smooth surface, which will not be displaced from the contact zone even at high loads. Thus, a substantial separation of the sliding surfaces is achieved with a permanently low friction coefficient and low wear. Compatible with high temperatures at low sliding speed and very heavy load.

Sintered bearings

Sintered bearings are self-lubricating, oil-impregnated sintered products that are produced in large series. Sintered bearings made of sintered bronze or iron powder are oil soaked, ready to install and maintenance free.
- sintered bronze Sint-A51 (DIN 30 910 / part 3)
- sinter iron Sint-A00 (DIN 30 910 / Part 3)
- graphite bronze alloy 640
- MoS2 sintered bronze
- inch sizes on request
- other alloys on request

The good bearing properties of sintered bearings are decisively determined by the high manufacturing accuracy and the porosity of the sintered material. These two characteristics are also of great importance for the functionality of a sintered bearing as a self-lubricating sliding bearing.

Plastic sliding bearings made of high-performance polymers

The maintenance-free plastic sliding bearings are manufactured from modern polymer compounds by injection moulding, consisting of base polymer, solid particles and so-called solid lubricants. These help to reduce the friction coefficient of the plastic sliding bearings. A transfer to the shaft is not absolutely necessary for this purpose, but enhances the functionality. Due to this homogeneous structure, theoretically the entire wall thickness is available as a wear zone.

Plastic sliding bearings are ideal for use as large series in the automotive industry or for special purpose machinery, for underwater applications, for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical or tobacco industry, for temperature and chemical resistance or for simple sheet feedthrough. They are mainly used where subsequent lubrication is not possible. The plastic sliding bearings are made of polymer materials. The material difference between shaft and bearing creates the reliable sliding fit without needing additional lubrication. The standard material EPB has - among other qualities - both high pressure and temperature resistance as well as a good heat dissipation.

Fibre composite sliding bearings

Fibre composite sliding bearings are very well suited for corrosive environments and high loads at low sliding speeds. The special characteristics of these high-performance bushings offer the user a multitude of possibilities. This product range consists of a fibre-woven fibreglass-impregnated epoxy resin backing, and a variety of wear-resistant, low-friction bearing liners. The reinforced composite structure enables the bearings to absorb high static and dynamic loads.

The nature of the materials also makes these products ideal for use in corrosive environments such as seawater or acidic environments. Depending on the type of material, these products are available as bushings, plates, sliding components or custom-made products.

Sliding bearings made of graphite and carbon

Due to their excellent properties, carbon and graphite materials are used as sliding bearings in a variety of applications, e.g. in the high and low temperature range, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, in modern automotive technology and in reactor technology. Carbon and graphite materials are characterised by:
- excellent sliding and dry running properties
- low friction coefficient
- good chemical resistance (acid-resistant)
- very good electrical conductivity
- high thermal conductivity
- excellent thermal shock behaviour
- excellent dimensional stability
- high fatigue strength

Case hardened steel bushings

Machined bushings made of case hardened steel are more wear-resistant due to their soft core and are suitable for demanding applications. They are particularly suitable for applications with high loads and can be used even at high temperatures. Versions with lubrication grooves or solid lubrication pockets in the sliding surface (model series GGT250) allow a wide range of applications. Hardened steel bushings of the GGT200 series are suitable for bearing zones with particularly high specific loads and low sliding speeds.

Steel bushings are used, e.g., in construction machinery (shovels and grabs or hydraulic cylinders), earth-moving machinery such as excavators and loaders, but also in drilling machines, agricultural machinery such as ploughs and rear diggers. They are also used in industrial plants and in slideways for industrial presses and components for suction pumps, machine tools and automatic machines.

Sliding bearings and production of special parts

We supply a wide range of standard sizes and materials. Demanding designs require components and dimensions outside the usual standards. In contrast to roller bearings, individual adjustments in sliding bearings are simpler to realise, the bushings can be machined and adapted to the technical environment.

Sintered filters and compressed air silencers

Filter elements unfold a wide range of applications with a focus on pneumatics and hydraulics. Filter discs, venting filters with brass base, silencers with brass base, silencers with sintered thread and O-ring, special filters of all kinds. To product sintered filters, spherical shaped bronze powder is poured into special shapes and then sintered. Different grain sizes and wall thicknesses allow the exact adaptation of flow through ability and filter properties. Shape and size of the metal particles are decisive influencing parameters for the properties of a sintered filter.

Highly porous sintered metal filters serve as filters, as compressed air silencers in pneumatics, flame barriers, flow dampers and distributors in gases and liquids, for aeration of liquids and bulk materials. The great freedom in design and the high mechanical strength allow the construction of load-bearing and ready to install filter elements. Due to the sintering process, the pores become mechanically unchangeable in size and location.

Moulded parts made of sintered metal

Due to the targeted selection of metal powders final product properties can be achieved exactly. Complicated shapes are possible in one pressing step with tight tolerances, without expensive post-processing. By calibrating (repressing), the tolerance field becomes even more accurate. Mechanical, chemical or thermal finishing is also possible.

Properties and designations of the materials for sintered moulded parts are standardised in the material data sheet according to DIN 30910-4. The sintered materials are classified into different classes, which are identified by letters; classification criterion is the porosity, expressed by the ratio of material to the total volume of the sintered part. Depending on their properties, each class of material is particularly suitable for certain application fields.

Spherical plain bearings and rod ends according to DIN ISO 12240

Spherical plain bearings and rod ends are manufactured in several designs and with different tribological pairings. Each version has characteristic properties that make it particularly suitable for specific applications. For the choice of the suitable design and for the determination of the required size, the load, the bearing capacity and the required service life play a major role.

Spherical plain bearings are standardised mechanical components for multi-directional movements. The bearings are self-aligning and supplied ready to install. The inner ring has a spherical, but convex outer diameter. The outer ring is correspondingly concave on the inside. The spherical plain bearings are designed for static loads and for the typical loads during pivoting movements or repeated tilting and turning movements and relatively low speeds.

Rod ends are spherical bearing units consisting of a joint bearing and a rod end. They are mainly used at the end of connecting rods or together with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and ensure the bond between cylinder and associated components, either by means of (internal or external) thread or by means of weld end. As a standard, rod ends are available with right-hand thread, but also available with left-hand thread on request.

Shaft sleeves

Shaft sleeves are used in various sectors of the machine industry. In new designs they replace the expensive machining of shafts, spindles and pivots. As a repair solution, they make it possible to restore the bearing zones, avoiding often the many inconveniencies involved. Shaft sleeves are the ideal counterparts for sliding bearings. The thin-walled precision sleeves are characterised by good resistance to wear, scuffing tendency and corrosion.

CNC Turned parts and milled parts made of bronze and brass

Our core competence lies in the production of precision turned parts made of non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass or copper. Using our modern machinery, we manufacture turned parts of highest quality and according to individual requirements. Framework contracts enable us to produce in shorter delivery time, with higher precision and more efficient production costs.

High flexibility is an asset of our company. All production processes are strictly monitored. We supply finished products ready to install according to your specifications, samples or drawings, as well as to DIN and ISO standards, both individual parts and small, medium and large series. A permanent monitoring of dimensional accuracy during manufacture and a meticulous final inspection ensure constant high quality.

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