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George Fischer Sales Ltd

(t/a GF Piping Systems)

Paradise Way
Coventry West Midlands CV2 2ST
United Kingdom

Company information George Fischer Sales Ltd


George Fischer offer a comprehensive range of piping system components for use in most pressure piping applications. A full range of plastic pipes, fittings and valves in PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PE, PVDF & PVDF-HP is complemented by a range of actuators and process control equipment. Also available is a comprehensive range of pipefitter's equipment for the installation of plastics piping systems. Process Cooling. Secondary piping, secondary containment.
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General Information

Year established 1930
Registration no 00273569
Type of company Head Office
VAT GB 927 2609 14
Fax +44 24 7653 0450
Website http://www.georgefischer.co.uk


  • Coolfit 

    pre-insulated pipework for refrigeration applications

  • Drawlock 

    gas pipe fittings from mains to meter

  • G.F. 

    pipe fittings in malleable iron and plastics, plastics valves,

  • Instaflex 

    PB water distribution piping system

  • Signet - Primofit - GF - Coolfit. 

  • Primofit 

    malleable iron compression fittings

  • Signet 

    flow monitoring equipment

  • Aquasystem 

    piping system, hot & cold heating



  • National Westminster Bank Plc


Area : Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central/East Europe, West. Europe, North America, Central America, South America


Key figures George Fischer Sales Ltd


  • Company

    100-249 Employees


  • 2014

    30,158,000 GBP

  • 2013

    31,879,000 GBP

  • 2012

    27,364,000 GBP

  • 2011

    28,337,000 GBP

  • 2010

    24,000,000 GBP

  • 2009

    23,000,000 GBP

Executives George Fischer Sales Ltd

Executive information

  • Mr I. Ross

    IT & Logistics Director

  • Mr R. Trevaskis

    Managing Director

  • Mr S.C. Alder

    Marketing Manager

  • Mr D. Outhwaite

    Financial Director

Products George Fischer Sales Ltd

12 products

12 products

News George Fischer Sales Ltd


Automation made easy - August 2015

23 February 2016

Our automation loop consists of three elements: measurement, control actuation. Measurement encompasses a wide range of measurement technologies and parameters. Most of these products are available in plastic and are offered with dedicated fittings, which integrate our sensors perfectly into your piping system. Control comprises various control functionalities (from simple relays to PID controllers) and all major communication technologies. Actuation includes pneumatic, electric and magnetic actuators, which can be seamlessly combined with all kinds of valves accessories.

  • Easy-to-combine Flexible combination and upgrade 
  • Easy-to-install Seamless integration
  • Easy-to-connect State-of-the-art communication technology
  • Easy-to-set-up Plug-and-play design
  • Easy-to-operate Intuitive menu structure

Measurement - Accurate measurement is the basis for reliable process control - November 2015

23 February 2016

Our measurement offering will cover your needs: flow, pH, conductivity, level, temperature and various water quality parameters. Corresponding to our piping systems, most sensors are available in plastic and are therefore highly resistant to chemicals. Our plug-and-play measurement products are self explanatory, easy to maintain and are offered with suitable installation fittings.

  • Flow Sensors and instruments for mechanical, magnetic, sonic or visual measurement of flow
  • Chlorine Chlorine analysing systems designed to accurately measure free chlorine, in applications with varying pH levels
  • pH/ORP Sensors and instruments for measurement of pH/ORP also for aggressive media and removal without process shutdown
  • Level Sensors and instruments for measurement of level using ultrasonic and hydrostatic pressure

Introducing BIM for GF products - February 2016

23 February 2016

Building Information Modelling (BIM). Models for GF product ranges are now available to download via our website.

What is BIM?
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process to design, create and maintain a project through its lifetime with the use of an intelligent 3D model. BIM is about everyone in a project understanding the building through the use of a digital model. BIM contributes to structured project information, improved integration, reducing costs, reduced waste and faster construction times.

Why BIM?
In May 2011, the UK Government announced in the Construction Strategy the requirement of collaborative 3D BIM to be used on projects by 2016. The main target is to reduce "the capital cost and the carbon burden from the construction and operation of the built environment by 20%".


ELGEF Plus Electrofusion Couplers - Designed for BIG ideas - September 2015

23 February 2016

The reinvention of large electrofusion couplers for quick and reliable connections.
Constructing large dimension pipelines is challenging and requires  specific designs of the pipeline components. The GF Piping Systems electrofusion couplers for water and gas applications are therefore made for quick and reliable connection of your pipes and spigot fittings. Even under difficult site conditions the electrofusion couplers from GF Piping Systems provide a long lasting and safe connection thanks to the careful design.

Proven technologies
The electrofusion coupler product range of d355-d1200mm consists of two production technologies.  Couplers with flex groove design (d-900 - d1200mm) ensuring a good jointing thanks to the special geometry and wall thickness. 
Dimensions from d355 to d800mm are provided with the proven technology of active reinforcement (pipe in pipe).

Innovation - consistently thinking ahead - Butterfly Valve Type 578 - May 2015

23 February 2016

GF Piping System introduces the latest generation of butterfly valves with a completely newly developed all-plastic housing for the lug-style butterfly valve type 578. The product line type 578 combines a long service lifetime with low  torques and offers an ideal combination of quality and durability.


  • Industrial Water processing
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical processing industry
  • Seawater desalinisation
  • Swimming pools
  • Aquariums
  • Surface engineering

Get the App - GF Engineering App - FREE - July 2015

23 February 2016

The new engineering app for building technology, utility and industry.
This tool provides the opportunity to calculate pipe dimensions, expansion, including bracket spacing and forces at fixed points, also pressure losses and temperature of pipe surfaces for individual piping systems.  The output values can be sent via e-mail.
With the integrated QR-Code Scanner, additional information about products and systems can quickly be retrieved.

The GF Pipe Engineering Tool is available in the App Store now!

Our free FlowCalc App is the ideal planning tool for on-site measurement of pipe diameters and flow velocity.  This handy iPhone app makes it possible to calculate the right diameter for your pipe system - even if there is no specialist in the vicinity.

The GF Flow Calculating App is available in the App Store now!


Packs a punch - Diaphragm Valve Type 604/605 - October 2015

23 February 2016

The full-plastic diaphragm valve 604 / 605 with integrated pneumatic actuator from GF Piping Systems ensures best flow performance in compact design. With this corrosion free valve we offer an additional product with the most economic price-performance  ratio which is suitable for many applications.

  • COMPACT DESIGN enables installation in limited spaces
  • MAINTENANCE FREE no re-torquein due to full plastic corrosion free design
  • BEST FLOW optimised flow geometry increases flow rate
  • LONG LIFETIME reliable over a high number of cycles
Materials: PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H, PVDF, ABS*on request
d20 / DN15 / 1/2"
Operation options: FC, FO, DA
Diaphragms: PTFE, FPM, EPDM
Connection options with true union or spigot version
Available standards: Metric, ASTM, BS

New Tangit DTX Special Adhesive for critical media with PVC-U & PVC-C - January 2016

22 February 2016

  • No Multi-layer application required.
  • New gap filling properties.
  • Time Saving and easy to apply.
  • No special cleaner required, standard Tangit cleaner can be used.
  • Without chlorinated solvents, less impact on health and environment.
  • High chemical resistance for use with critical media e.g. concentrated, inorganic and oxidising acids.

Double-See™ Vinyl Double Containment Piping Systems - June 2015

22 February 2016

Features, Advantages, Benefits

• Revolutionary Closure Coupling Design
• Innovative Centralizer Design
• Factory Assembled and 100% Tested Fittings
• Cut Length Guidance System
• Extensive Standard Part Selection
• Modular Components
• Multiple Leak Detection Options
• Reliable Construction
• GF Quality
• Custom Fabrication Available

Installation versatility allows simultaneous joining throughout a system or in combination with patented closure couplings which enable practical compliance with the ASME B31.3 requirement for visual inspection of all primary joint connections during the pressure test before closing the secondary piping joint.

Double-See is suitable for a wide range of applications including water and waste water treatment, chemical delivery, dosing and processing, microelectronics, life sciences, metal working/finishing, waste collection, and many others.

Activities George Fischer Sales Ltd

Other classifications (for some countries)

SIC (GB 2007) :
Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (46740)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (4674)
Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies (4663)