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ToolsFactory is the leading producer / manufacturer of high quality plastic & metal processing machines , precision tools . Packed with the latest and modern cutting edge technology, innovative, efficient with free live support & solutions . TOOLS FACTORY PRODUCT RANGE :THERMO & VACUUM FORMING MACHINESAUTOMATIC FEEDING SYSTEMS ( SHEETS OR ROLLS ) 3-AXIS AND 4-AXIS CNC MILLING MACHINES5-AXIS CNC MACHINING CENTERSHORIZONTAL BAND SAWSToolsFactory is increasingly becoming the preferred choice manufacturer of Thermo and Vacum Forming machines and CNC milling machines. Indeed more and more companies that used to be supplied by the leading manufacturers for decades find that our products are answering all their demands as well as saving them a great deal of money. These sales only confirm the importance and the quality of our products. These companies that chose TOOLSFACTORY have all studied the competitors suppliers before taking their business over to us. They are unanimous on the following points; - We are cheaper than any other producer while using the same quality components (between 30 and 35 % cheaper for the equivalent product & quality) - Our machines are lighter, more agile and more efficient. Our clever frame system allows the machine to operate freely, with spectacular accuracy, reduced weight and high security against any kind of accident. - Our machines, are more efficient, flexible and are designed to allow savings on labour costs. - Loss of production is minimal with our machines because change and adaptation to production demands are quick and easily performed, while the competition is not able to offer such a flexible tool. - Our product is custom made, according to the wishes and needs of the customer, we do not sell packages or a set system, which mostly do not meet your needs and requires you to pay more for options you will never use. - Our LIVE media solutions are innovative and competent, daily online diagnosis for the proper operation of your machine, which also provides maintenance, support, assistance, updates, etc online. - Our machines are simple to operate and are extremely versatile, every critical system is adaptable, accessible and can be operated as a zone or as single unit (e.g. heating elements) - An uncomplicated and inexpensive customer service. - A simple, innovative operating system, adaptation to all kinds of moods. - Diagnostic and remote support via the internet and installed camera (diagnostic without limit, singles out the individual element down) - Live help and followed via internet and installed camera without the need to make an expensive intervention (parameter - control - management - update - programming - etc.) - LCD screen, complete access and control, joystick, and easy operation, very fast (mold change for production demands) - Recognition program system adapted to different profile ex; thickness of the material - A long term guarantee, confirmation of the quality and durability of our product. - We are constantly working on modern advanced technology to provide advanced solutions that we continue to develop for the benefit of all our customers. -The master components fitted to our machines are the same used by the current leader of the European market;* Festo (Germany), Metal Work (Italy), Elstein (Germany), Ceramicx(Ireland), Becker (Germany), Busch (Germany), Schneider Electric(France), Omron (Japan)

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