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A J Products Ltd

A J Products Ltd

Who are AJ Products? AJ Products (UK) Ltd. is a long-established supplier of office and workplace furniture, school furniture, lockers and changing room facilities, canteen furniture, shelving and racking, premises management equipment and much more. Our wide range features modern furniture with smart features designed to improve ergonomics, increase efficiency, inspire creativity and happiness, and last for many years. Our aim is to provide the right products at the right prices in order to be a one-stop shop for all your workplace needs. AJ Products in Europe Established in Sweden in 1975 by Anders Johansson, the AJ Group is now represented by 26 companies across 19 European countries with two factories and over 800 employees. While AJ Produkter AB and its subsidiaries are still family owned, the company has been transformed from a small catalogue trader to a modern and international sales enterprise. We have taken the Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and successfully exported it to Western, Eastern and Northern Europe. AJ Products UK AJ Products has been trading in the United Kingdom since 1999 and, in that time, we have expanded our business to become the thriving company we are today. The AJ offices and warehouse are located next to Farnborough International Airport, home of the world-famous biennial air show. The office is home to our UK sales, marketing and accounts departments as well as 3000 square feet of storage space for our bestselling products. What can AJ Products do for you? Whether a one-off order or a large refit project, AJ Products is here for all your workplace needs. Our combination of over 15,000 quality products, expert knowledge, in-house design and manufacturing, and high service levels allows us to offer smart solutions for your workplace. We can provide everything from free-of-charge project planning and design suggestions to quick delivery and installation. What makes AJ Products unique? AJ Products is committed to making workplaces happier and healthier places to be. Everything we do, we do with a passion to deliver the best solution for each workplace. We sell tables, chairs and shelving, but that is not what our customers buy from us. They buy nicer offices, practical warehouses and better workplaces. For over 40 years we have studied our customers’ needs. By doing so we have a clear picture of what our customers want as well as what they need so that we can design and manufacture better products to meet those needs. We want you to love your workplace! In-house design and manufacturing At our in-house design department, based in our head office in Halmstad, Sweden, we examine our customers’ needs and look at current trends to allow us to create unique solutions for modern workplace problems. By focusing on product development, design and production we can remain loyal to our original business idea: to be a leading supplier to offices, warehouses, schools and industrial facilities. We manufacture a large part of our product range ourselves in our two European factories. AJ Furniture Factory in Poland produces the vast majority of our wooden furniture including the office furniture ranges and canteen furniture. AJ Metal Design in Slovakia manufactures many of our metal products from shelving and pallet racking to cabinets and lockers. This allows us to create the products that our customers want and need. The close relationship between product development and our factories is a huge strength for AJ, allowing us to stay at the forefront of new product design and maintain high-quality levels while minimising our environmental footprint. ISO accreditation We are proud to announce that our parent company, AJ Produkter AB, which supplies the majority of the products that you see on our website, has achieved ISO accreditation. AJ Produkter AB has a quality system that fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 with respect to: Purchase, storage and sale of products and accessories for office interiors and material handling. Please click here to view the ISO 9001 certificate AJ Produkter AB has an eco-management system that fulfils the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 with respect to: Purchase, storage and sale of products and accessories for office interiors and material handling. Please click here to view the ISO 14001 certificate KeyWords Breakout Furniture Conference Furniture Lighting Office Accessories Office Furniture Outdoor Furniture Flip Charts Glass Writing Boards Notice Boards Projection Screens & Equipment Whiteboards Reception Furniture Retail Furniture Valuables Storage Compressed Air Hand Tools Tool Sets Chemical Storage Cabinets Cleaning Equipment Tipping Skips Refuse Bins Recycling Containers Handling & Lifting Equipment Packaging Equipment Security Products Health & Safety Equipment Warehouse Equipment Warehouse Furniture Canteen Furniture Changing Room Furniture Schools Furniture University Furniture Library Furniture Matting Workbenches Office Desks Office Chairs

  • Office furniture
  • Office filing and storage furniture
  • Conference and meeting room furniture...

Sinotech Ltd

Sinotech Ltd aim to provide Cold Formed Parts: * Low cost to Manufacturers * Made to Customers Specification * Supplied by Chain Specialists for Automotive Supply * Many years experience with an Asian Source Sinotech, experts in coldforming components, have extensive experience in: * Net-shape coldforming * Near net-shape cold forming Sinotech is a supplier of precision components within the Automotive, Fluid Power and General Engineering Industries. We manufacture ISO 9001:2008 quality assured precision machined components, which can be produced using a number of processes: * Single spindle Low Volume components * Multi-spindle High Volume production * CNC turning utilising our multi axis technology * CNC milling utilising our 4 axis machining centres * Welded assemblies Sinotech can supply precision machined components in a vast range of materials including: * Copper * Mild and Alloy Steels * Titanium and exotic high temperature alloys * Plastics * Stainless Steel * Brass * Phosphor Bronze (Gun-metal) * Aluminium Die Castings - The molten metal needs to be injected into a mould under extreme pressure. This will result in a more homogeneous part, good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. There would be a significant reduction in the requirement for post casting processing to get the required final configuration. There are 5 main steps to the process cycle, these are: * Clamping - two cleaned and lubricated die halves are clamped together within the production machine * Injection - of molten metal (a pre-determined volume) at high pressure into the die * Cooling - The solidification of the metal within the die cavity takes its final shape * Ejection - From the die cavity, of the casting * Trimming - Excess material from casting Sintered Components Applications - Components produced by this route include the production of many complex components such as: * Pressure Plates * Gears * Cams * Sprockets * Levers * Ratchets * Bushing etc These would be used in the following industries: * Automobile * Hydraulic * Agriculture Pressings - Sinotech are able to work with their customers and use their extensive knowledge and experience of metal forming and tool design. To get the optimised final tooling design, prototype components can be produced. We are also able to supply Metal Stampings in a range of materials: * Steels, coated and uncoated * Stainless Steels * Aluminium * Brass

  • Waste bins and waste-paper baskets
  • Cast iron litter bins
  • Sintered metals...

Gordon Ellis

Welcome to the Gordon Ellis & Co. The company comprises three specialist businesses: Home Healthcare Safety Products, Rotational Moulding, and Precision Machinery of Wood and Composites. The three businesses have several things in common: they all benefit from investment in the very latest machinery; they are all genuinely innovative, helping customers to put brand new products and concepts on the market; and they all recognise and respond to the customer's need for competitive pricing and dependable service. Gordon Ellis & Co traces its history back over a hundred years and while it is proud of its roots, it also has a very forward-looking mentality. With a newly extended manufacturing site and a long-serving staff numbering over 120, we now supply a broad variety of high quality products to more than 30 countries World leaders in high quality rotational moulding (rotamoulding, rotomoulding) for vehicles and marine transport, point-of-sale, medical, outdoor and leisure, industrial products. Built on the experience of producing the company's own range of high quality healthcare products. We have eleven moulding machines of varying capabilities to suit clients demands moulding from 100mm to 2500mm diameters. Unique technology in moulding multi-shot multi-layer, foamed thermoplastics, cross-linked polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, nylon, polyamides. Sourcing low cost tool-making from UK, Europe, USA and Far East. In-house tool maintenance. In-house finishing and assembly including spraying, and coating. In-house design and engineering teams ready to work with clients' teams to produce to precise standards and costs.

  • Multi-operational woodworking machines
  • Machining centres, high speed, woodworking
  • Machining centres, computer numerically controlled (CNC), woodworking...

Tech Spray Fibreglass

At Tech Spray Ltd we specialise in the manufacture of GRP using both spray and hand lay-up techniques. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic commonly known as Fibreglass. It is a product made with a thermosetting resin strengthened by the inclusion of glass as reinforcement. There are many types of resin system available to cope with particular applications and of course different grades of glass reinforcement. With a wealth of experience in the field of GRP manufacture and commercial paint spraying we can assist you from the earliest stages of development through prototyping and mould manufacture to the production of the finished article across all industries including Leisure, Automotive, Train, Construction, Medical and other specialist markets. We endeavour to give our customers only the best customer service and the most competitive prices and are very proud of the quality of our products. Through constantly improving our already comprehensive range through innovative design and production techniques we endeavour to produce aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound products based on your original inspiration. We are also one of Europe.s few GRP manufacturers that also operates a fully equipped in-house heated paint spraying facility ideal for applying designs and finishes across a wide range of products and materials including, GRP/Fibreglass, Metal Products, Aluminium Products, Plastics and Wooden Products. Our fully heated paint spraying booth is located within our 15,000sq ft manufacturing plant and is fully equipped with the most modern apparatus to ensure maximum quality finishes in excellent turnaround times. Our experienced team always provide a close attention to detail and our personalised, bespoke customer service ensures premium finish standards at very competitive prices for all customers no matter their size or industry. In both our GRP production and spraying facilities we have vast experience in colour matching using RAL and British Standards colouring systems. Remember at Tech Spray Ltd we are there for you and we want you to walk away with pride and confidence in the knowledge that we will give you exactly what you want. We view all enquiries equally and no matter what you require, we want you to be rest assured that you are our number one priority.

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) materials, trifluoroethylene lubricated
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), resin injected...

Linton Metalware Ltd

Manufacturer and worldwide supplier of ash/litter bin & ashstands stainless steel & coloured metal, fire retardant litter bins, floor ashboxes, pedal bins, plastic litter bins, sackholders, wall mounted ashtrays & waste paper bins. Established in 1924, Linton Metalware has been a leading UK manufacturer of litter and cigarette end bins for over forty years. A business with history but firmly placed in the 21st century, that puts the customer first, Linton has forged many long lasting relationships. Customer care is paramount to the Company's mission and its ability to deliver goods and service the needs of all the customers is proven by the quantity of repeat orders received. A key factor for many customers is Linton's ability to meet individual needs through flexible customisation of the products. Linton has invested significantly in its manufacturing and administration infrastructures to ensure that it continually improves both the quality of the products and their delivery as well as ensuring that product design meets customers' expectations. This has led to a high degree of confidence in Linton products which is reflected in the Company's ability to win key orders throughout the UK and in many areas abroad. Whilst primarily a manufacturer, Linton can supply many other products sourced through a variety of suppliers to offer a 'one-stop-shop' facility to all its customers.

  • Health, medical and pharmaceutical
  • Storage furniture, hospital and medical
  • Waste bins, hospital use...


Streetmaster manufactures a wide range of public seating, litter bins and picnic furniture, and is based in the UK. Designs are in a variety of materials and styles to suit both urban and rural environments, and are generally specified by councils, other municipal authorities, landscape architects and construction companies. As our products are designed to survive within the public domain, most may be too heavy and expensive to suit private gardens. Because of the high transportation costs it is not practical to export single items to the USA. We specialise in the supply of commemorative seats, Almost every design of seat we manufacture can now be used to commemorate a person or event, including designs with steel and recycled plastic slats. Traditional timber seats, heavy weight and standard weight available. Cast iron seats have a visual appeal that is impossible to achieve with other materials, and are widely specified in environmentally sensitive areas. We manufacture three designs, the Georgian, the Victorian, and the Grafton, all of which are available as either seats (with backs) or benches (without backs). Standard and heavy-duty versions of all three designs are available, and most options can be specified with timber, steel or recycled plastic slats. All designs come in a variety of lengths, and special configurations are available that will enhance any landscape scheme. We also offer enhanced finish options for these seats, to improve their durability in aggressive environmental conditions Stainless steel is perhaps the ultimate material from which to manufacture all steel seats and litter bins. It is immensely strong, corrosion resistant and has a stunning appearance. The Universal Bench System offers very cost effective modular seating by using standard board sections which can be straight, mitred for corners, or curved in eight different radii. We manufacture three sizes of litter bin: 55 litre, 110 litre, and 220 litre. Picnic units (which have integral seats and tables) are all supplied in pedestal base form as standard (to bolt down), and can be supplied with galvanised ground fixing extensions to concrete them in if required. We also supply wooden bollards that are perfect to keep spaces open and accessible to pedestrians, whilst providing effective traffic control. We manufacture wooden bollards with either flat, chamfered, pointed or domed tops in a range of sizes, which would normally suit rural environments, such as cycle paths and walkways.

  • Garden furniture
  • Furniture and linen
  • Garden furniture, metal...


Founded in 1991, NBB has become the UK's Leading Manufacturer of Smoking Shelters. Not only do we offer Smoking Shelters but our extensive range exceeds 150 variations of Walkways, Canopies, Porches, Cycle Shelters and Custom Made Shelters, protecting your visitors and staff from the elements. If you are unsure of which shelter solution you need, we will be more than happy to make a site visit so as we can determine your requirements. To make life easier for you we offer an installation service anywhere on the U.K. mainland. Alongside our Shelters we also offer a comprehensive range of Smoking Accessories. The Original No Butts Bin was the pioneer of wall mounted ashtrays, with its patented baffle system and unique lifetime guarantee. We have over 100 cigarette litter bins to choose from which vary in size, colour and style. Whatever your establishment requires we can meet your needs. NBB's high quality, innovative smoking solutions have been supplied to a wide spectrum of customers ranging from small companies to large, blue chip organisations. Since the implementation of the smoking ban in July 2007 the UK has experienced a 40% increase of cigarette related litter, making it more of a problem now than fast food wrappers, aluminium cans and chewing gum. Nearly 25% of the UK workforce smoke. By placing No Butts Bins in convenient well accessible areas it will help to minimize unsightly litter. NBB are ISO 9001:2000 quality accredited and offer a 'No Quibble Guarantee' on all of our products. If you would like to discuss any of your requirements with one of our experienced customer services representatives, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 1777 052 or email

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