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Butler Valves & Fittings Limited

Butler Valves & Fittings Limited

Butler Valves are a UK based quality Manufacturer and Supplier of Condensate Pots, Seal Pots, Air Headers, GRP Sunshades, Instrument Valves and fittings for instrumentation and general process applications. We can manufacture in most materials from Carbon steel to Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys. We specialise in putting together Instrumentation and Electrical Bulk Material Packages for Power, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, and Desalination projects worldwide. Our experienced staff are fully conversant with all the latest specifications and requirements of the industry. Our products are manufactured and supplied to Quality Assurance procedures approved to BS EN ISO 9001. Butler Valves has over 20 years’ experience in supplying Bulk Material Packages to International Projects worldwide into some of the most challenging regions such as Iraq, West Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Sakhalin and Siberia in Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines - amongst others. We continue to be successful in securing supply contracts to international projects on the basis of Major Client Approvals such as BP Iraq, and Exxon Mobil; Confidence in delivery lead times, Competitive pricing and an ability to coordinate a wide range of materials at our Birmingham UK and Rhode Island USA Warehouses, using our broad knowledge of International standards and material specifications. We have very strong links with our manufacturers and we can assist with manufacturing and sourcing material to exotic specifications as well as the more standard requirements. More Information on our Products Sunshades & Enclosures Condensate Pots & Seal Pots Nickel Alloys Compression Fittings Instrumentation Valves & Manifolds Ball Valve Suppliers Check Valve Suppliers Globe Valve Suppliers Gate Valve Suppliers Pressure Relief Valve Suppliers Safety Valve Suppliers

  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, metal
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, malleable cast iron
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, wrought iron or steel...

Everyvalve Ltd

Everyvalve Ltd

EVERYVALVE Name Established in 1983 in Barnet and then Potters Bar ( Herts ) near North London in the UK For the Supply & Manufacture of Valves, Pumps, Hose Fittings, Pipe Fittings to industry. 85 -Manufactured products are our OWN under the name of `EvE` in UK. Industries served – Petrochem, Chemical, Engineering, Contracting OEM, Councils, Water, Fish Farming and many others including Export markets. Valve sizes are from 3mm to 1200mm can be supplied in most materials such as:- Steel, SS, Brass, Gunmetal, Cast Iron etc for the metal side and in PVC, PP, ABS, HDPE & PVDF for the plastics side. Valves Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Relief, Needle, Penstock, Knife, Relief, Reducing, Sustaining, Solenoid, Diaphragm, Actuated - Pneumatic & Electric versions. Specials are considered as are package lots. Flow Indication Meters Volumetric, Flow rate, Insertion, Turbine. Pumps Submersible, Centrifugal, Drum & Hand type in SS and plastics materials. Hose Fittings PP, Nylon & SS from 3mm to 150mm. Pipe Fittings PVC, PP, in plain or threaded form for industrial uses. Metal Fittings M.I, SS, Steel also supplied to order. We are a manufacturer but offer other manufacturers BRANDS Air Torque, Amri, AKO Pinch Valve, Apollo, Aquaflow, Ari, Asahi, Asco, ASV Stuebbe, Auma, Aquamatic, Bermad, Bernard, Bray, Brandoni, Broady, Bucchi, Bonney, Bailey Birket, Forge, Castflow, Cepex, Certikin, Cla-val, Comer, Crane, DPV, Durapipe, Econosto, Effast, Eriks, ETG, Frank, Fluval, Flowserve, Gemu, Geoline, George Fisher, Glenfield, Ghibson, Goetze, Hidroten, Honeywell, Haitima, Irritec, J+J, Langley, Keystone, Kitz, Kraft, KSB, Kingdom, Keystone, LVF, Mars, Max-Air, Namur, Neway, Niezgodka, Nocchi, Orbinox, OMB, Pekos, Plasson, Plimat, Praher, Perar, Plastulon, Prisma, Proval, Peter Smith, Samson, Saunders, Sirai, Shipham, Spears, Socla, Starline, Samson Control, Spirax Sarco, Swagelok, Tefen, Tecomec, Tomoe, Trillium, Tyco, Valbia, Valtec, Valterra, Velan, Viking, Weir, Valtec, Xomox, Zavero, Zubi. More Information on our Products - Hose fittings supplier - Ball valve supplier - Butterfly valve supplier - Gate valve supplier - Knife gate supplier - Pressure Relief Valve supplier - Swing Check Valve supplier - Pneumatic Actuator supplier - Solenoid valve supplier - Plastic slide gate valve supplier - Spring close pour tap supplier - Check valve supplier - Globe valve supplier - Electric Actuator suppliers

  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, plastic
  • Valves, plastic
  • Valves, chemically inert plastic...

Dixon Group Europe

Automotive, Brewing, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Water. Dixon Group Europe Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of boss & quick release couplings, interchange couplings, cam & groove couplers, valves, hygienic fittings, steam & water couplings, hose assemblies, metallic & non-metallic hoses. Dixon Group Europe Ltd supports its customers worldwide from an extensive network of distribution centres. We have operations based in the UK, America, Australia and Germany. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by BSI and comply with ISO 9001 requirements. Dixon Group Europe Ltd have built up a reputation for our expertise, in-depth product knowledge, technical support and unrivalled quality. We also pride ourselves on the bespoke design of products and applications to meet individual customer requirements. Dixon Group Europe Ltd have provided 'the right connection' for companies in the following industries: Automotive, Brewing, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food & Beverages, Materials Handling, Mining, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel Mills, Water & Steam. Each hose assembly is tested before shipping to the customer and given test certificates. Tests include leak tests using water or air; or a pressure test conducted at one and a half times working pressure. We offer many of our fittings, valves and couplings in a range of materials including brass, aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and also in a range of exotic alloys including titanium, monel etc. Our metallic hoses are manufactured in accordance with ISO and in compliance with the pressure equipment directive (PED). They are available in convoluted stainless steel grade 321 and 316 with a variety of braids. Non-metallic hoses are available in PTFE, rubber and silicone with a variety of braids. Our product range includes hose fittings, clamps, quick couplings fasteners, connectors, threaded couplings, hose nipples, clips, adapters, hydraulic couplings, pneumatic couplings, hose assemblies, male and female fittings, quick release interchange couplings, hose couplings, hose ends, pressure gauges, pipeline fittings, weld couplings, valves, tanker products, ferrules, plugs, DIN standard products, holedall fittings, fire hose couplings, vapour caps, safety valves, o-rings, gaskets, seals, sight glasses and butterfly valves. Automotive, Brewing, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Water.

  • Hydraulic valves
  • Valves, hydraulic, mechanically operated
  • Valves, hydraulic, motorised...

Lee Products Ltd

Lee Products Ltd was established in 1975 (as a subsidiary of the Lee Company of Westbrook, Conneticut, USA) to promote its range of products within the UK and Ireland. Since 1948, The Lee Company has pioneered the development of miniature, precision fluid control components for aerospace, down-hole oil tools, machine tools, medical / scientific instrumentation and ink-jet printing. Lee's unique capabilities in miniaturisation and engineering expertise keep the company at the forefront of fluid flow technology. Lee Products maintains a sales force of graduate engineers who are ready to assist customers in solving fluid flow problems, and a significant amount of stock to ensure on-time deliveries. Quality Assurance at Lee is a management commitment of the highest order. Lee Products Ltd. achieved accreditation to ISO9002 in 1999 and ISO9001:2000 in 2003 whilst The Lee Company was one of the first aerospace companies to achieve accreditation to AS9000 The Lee Company has subsidiary companies in France, Germany and Italy, and is represented by agents and distributors throughout the world. Products supplied are microhydraulic check valves, relief valves, shuttle valves, bypass valves, solenoid valves, filter screens, flow controls, restrictors, nozzles and blanking plugs for aerospace and down hole oil tool applications. Miniature, chemically inert, solenoid valves, pumps, tubing and fittings for medical and scientific instruments. Microhydraulic check valves, restrictors and blanking plugs for industrial and medical applications. Gerotor style lubrication and scavenge pumps.

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, metal
  • Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by type...

Petrofit Ltd

Petrofit are based in the heart of the UK. Petrofit are major suppliers of pipeline components to the oil, gas, petrochemical and associated industries. Petrofit offer a wide range of solutions and ideas offering bespoke and standard products in a wide range of material grades for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and associated industries. The speciality of Petrofit is to provide for planned or routine maintenance in petrochemical plants, power generation plants, and oil and gas refineries. Petrofit also deal with project material shortfalls for standard or bespoke products / materials to client requirements. Petrofit was formed to meet the demands for non-standard components. We are able to source a full range of stainless steel, steel, copper, alloy pipe fittings, flanges, valves, gaskets including butt valves & flanges, stud bolts, pig launches, barred tees, bevelled pipe, lined pipe, inlay pipe, sphere tee's, anchor flanges, swivel flanges. Petrofit conform to all the requirements of the ISO 9002:1994 regulations, and have been accredited by TUV UK Quality Assurance. Wide range of fittings & flange types & materials; flat face, raised face, tongue and groove or ring joint flanges. With sizes 1/8 to 80. from SCH 5S to SCH XXS; available in F304L, F304, F390H, F321, F321H, F316L, F316, F316H, F316Ti, F310, F347, Duplex F51 and Super Duplex F55 stainless steels. Flange materials are also available in various Nickel and Carbon alloys, including Monel, Incoloy, Inconel, Titanium, Ferralium, Hastelloy, and A105N, LF1, LF2, LF3, F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F91, stainless steels, nickel alloys and carbon alloys. Stainless steel options include 304L, 304, 390H, 321, 321H, 316L, 316, 316H, 316Ti, 310, 347, Duplex UNSS31803 Super Duplex UNS S32760/32750; Carbon Alloys; WPB, WPL6, WPL3, P1, P5, P9, P11, P22, P91. Key words: Barred Tees, Anchor Flanges, Swivel Flanges.Petrofit Ltd welcomes your enquiry or request for information.

  • Installation and maintenance services for oil and gas production equipment
  • Maintenance services, oil refinery
  • Pipe, tube and hose accessories, metal...

Yateson Stainless

Yateson Stainless specialize in the supply of stainless steel pipeline components, fittings, valves, bespoke fabrications and machining. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, our products and our manufacturing skills. Yateson Stainless are the sole distributor for Modentic Valves in the UK. ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Products & services supplied: BSP & NPT 150lb & 3000lb screwed/threaded pipeline fittings, socket Weld 150lb & 3000lb fittings, butt weld Fittings, flanges and pipe & tube. Threaded BSP & NPT ball valves, butt weld ball valves, socket weld ball valves, flanged ball valves, multi port (3 way) ball valves, BSP full bore actuated ball valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, needle valves, swing & spring check valves, non return valves, butterfly valves, ball float valves, hygienic (OD) ball valves, and flanged ASA150 & PN16 ball valves. BSP and NPT Y strainers, ASA150 and PN16 flanged Y strainers. Hygienic dairy fittings and unions, cam & groove couplings, compression fittings, clips, clamps and fasteners. Bespoke special fittings, threaded (screwed) nipples, threaded bar, couplings and adaptors. Pipe weld preparation or bevelling. Fabricated bespoke components, manifolds, adaptors, modifications, pigs, skids, frame work, storage and pressure vessels usually to PD5500. Bespoke process solutions and technical design.

  • Metal pipework, valves and containers
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, metal
  • Pipe, tube and hose couplings and joints, stainless steel...

Edincare Pumps

Manufacturing - Project Design - Sales - Commissioning - Servicing - Repairs Edincare Pumped Drainage Systems has been established for over 20 years specialising in the manufacture, project design, sale, commission, service and repair of pumped drainage solutions. Our range of products include, Packaged Pumping Stations, Waste Water Pumping Systems, Macerators and Macerating Toilets, Floor Mounted Pumping Stations, Fat, Oil & Grease Separator Systems and Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Our customers include Architects, Specifiers, Merchants, Civil Contractors, Property Developers, Local Authorities, Builders, Facility Managers and General Public and all form part of our customer base. After - Sales Service Servicing - Commissioning - Repairs - Refurbishments - Installations - Rentals After Sales Service We offer planned servicing, commissioning, emergency repairs, refurbishments, installations and rentals on almost all pumped drainage equipment, regardless of type, make or age enabling us to assist our customers with all their servicing requirements. Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of working with pumped drainage systems, as well as being specifically trained in the use of gas detection equipment, confined space entry procedures and all relevant health and safety legislation. Customer satisfaction is our priority, our dedicated service staff endeavour to provide the most suitable and cost effective solution to meet your service needs. With nationwide coverage and service vehicles located throughout the United Kingdom we are able to offer a rapid response to any breakdown. Site Surveys & Inspections We will undertake site surveys and inspections of pumping schemes for refurbishment, insurance assessment and general feasibility studies. The pumping scheme will be fully inspected mechanically, electrically and for operational capability with a full report of our findings and recommendations. Spare Parts We maintain a comprehensive stock of mechanical and electrical parts in both our service vehicles and main distribution hub. We are premier distributors for the majority of pump manufacturers enabling us to offer fast cost effective repairs. Health and Safety With the ever-increasing demand put on our customers to stay abreast of their health and safety commitments, here at Edincare we have compiled all our health and safety documentation into one easy to access area. Simply visit our website at and click on downloads, once registered you will have full access to the following: " Health & Safety Policy " Environmental Policy " Training Documentation " Method & Risk Assessments " Insurance, Health & Safety Certificates Planned Servicing Service Agreements are offered to all customers who require the benefits of planned maintenance. Our Service Agreements are available at competitive prices, and we will undertake to service equipment at regular intervals, regardless of type, make or age, subject to inspection and contract. We will supply a full report on the works carried out, the condition of the equipment and advice on any spares or replacement parts that may be required. You can see substantial benefits through: " Greater life expectancy for equipment " A reduction in running costs including energy and maintenance " Reduced risk of breakdowns with their resultant problems and inconveniences " Optimum performance of the pump system " Improved environmental conditions Our Service Agreements consist of the following: " Scheduled service visits at your convenience " Reduced hourly charges for unscheduled callouts " Fully trained service engineers " Preferential scheduling of emergency call outs Commissioning A commissioning service is offered on all of our products ensuring the system functions in accordance with our Installation and Operating Guidelines. On completion of the commissioning visit a certificate is issued. Emergency Call-Outs We offer an emergency call-out service in the event of any problems with a pump system. Our service department will endeavour to respond within 24 hours from the initial contact to provide an engineer to site. Almost all repairs are completed on site or if necessary within our workshop using only genuine manufacturer's spare parts. Refurbishments / Installations / Rentals With our extensive knowledge of pumping systems we are able to offer the complete service when it comes to pump station refurbishments and installations. Customers can simply assign the responsibility for the works to our service department knowing that our team of experienced project managers and service engineers will not only complete the works on time but where possible offer a rental system to minimise any inconvenience.

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