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Jonesco, Jonesco (Preston) Ltd, rotational moulding, contract moulding, custom moulding, moulding, plastic, mudguard manufacturer, fire and safety products, environmental protection products, Preston, North West, 100% Polyethylene, Recyclable, Jonesco Exhibitions, Jonesco Products,,, Pittman Way, Fulwood, 01772 706888, 01772 702209, 0033320321111, 0033320906210,, 01772 706820, Peter Williams, henry jones, Andrew jones, Environmental Protection, Absorbents, Absorbent, Absorbent Granules, New Safety Tread, Oil Absorbent Granules, Universal Pads, Spill, Spill Containment, Absorbent Roll, Clay Granules, Multizorb, Premium Absorbent Granules, Drum Rack, Drum Rack Base, Dispensing and Storage, Dispensing Unit, Spill Prevention, Chemical, Drum Trolley, DrumKart, Kart, 268 litres, 100% Polyethylene, Oil, Drum, Trolley Mobile Dispenser, UniKart, Mobile Bin, Grit/Salt Trolley, Multi-applications Trolley, chemical compatibility, chemical cabinets, Spill Pallets, Drum Pallets, Drum Storage, Workfloors, Work Floors, Safety Boxes, Drum Rack, Drum Rack Base, Drum Rack System, Absorbents, Spill Kits, Storage Boxes, Oil, Cabinets, IBC, IBC Spill Pallet, IBC Storage, 1000 litres, Double IBC, Single IBC, IBC Dispenser, breathing apparatus, Oil Kits, Chemical Kits, portable spill kits, portable kits, Spill Pallets, 250 litres, 450 litres, Oil, Drum Pallet, Pallet, SpillShak, Spill Shack, Spill Pallet Housing, Oil Drum Housing, Spill Pallet Hardcover, Hard Cover, Hardcover, Oil Drum Hardcover, SJ-100-001, SJ-100-002, SJ-100-006, DJ-100-007, SJ-100-010, SJ-100-011, SJ-100-050, SJ-100-051, SJ-100-060, SJ-100-061, SJC2-YE-BK-B-A, SJC4-YE-BK-B.F, SJC45-YE-BK-B-F, SJ-500-001, SJ-500-002, SJ-500-003, SJ-500-004, SJ-500-006, SJ-525-BK-YE, SJ-525-BK-BK, SJ-525-B-YE, SJ-525-B-BK, SJ-500-007, SJ-500-008, ST1-20-YE-BK, ST1-30-YE-BK, ST1-40-YE-BK, ST1-60-YE-BK, ST1-100-YE-BK, SJ-300-001, SJ-300-002, SJ-300-006, SJ-300-007, SJ-400-001, SJ-400-002, SJ-400-003, SJ-400-004, SJ-200-001, SJ-200-002, SJ-200-003, SJ-200-004, WJ75-COYE, WJ75-CORE, WJ75-COGR, JBS110-COYE, JBS110-COGR, JBS110-CORE, JBS130-COYE, JBS200-COYE, JBS400R-COYE, JBS400R, JBS500-COYE, JBS500-COOR, 1006, 1005, OSK2, CSK2, OSKC, CSK4N, JCRFWS, SPILLKIT, JORFWL, GP25,DIBT, Commercial Vehicle Products, Commercial Vehicle Mudguards, Mudguards, Fender, polyfender, poly, Toolboxes, Fixings, Document Holders, Adjustable Fixings, Fixings, High Density Mudguards, Medium Density Mudguards, SoloGard Steel Mudguards, XGard, Cross Reference, Single Arch Mudguards, Flat Top Mudguard, Flattop Mudguard, SoloGard, Moulding, Wheel chocs, Document holders, HD-PE, High Density, medium density, polyethylene, type approval, EC Type Approval, Spray Suppression Law, Section Mudguards, HL, HighGard, Light Silver Edge, ADR, ADR Law, Extinguisher, Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishers, Dry Powder, J-Wings, Spats, Flat-Tops, Tandem Mudguards, Tridem Mudguards, Tandems and Tridems, Small Trailer Mudguards, Mounting, Mounting Instructions, Stays, Fixings, Saddles, Adjustable Fixings, Mudguards, Flat Tops, Medium Density, mudflaps, mud flaps, TUV, PSA, Time, 3S, antispray, anti-spray, Anti-sail bars, plain flaps, antispray flaps, flaps, Jonesco Anti-Spray, spray suppression, fixing, adjustable fixings, Saddle, stays, XPF, ZPA, spill kits, Plastic Toggles, European Homologation Number, Steel Mudguards, Tandem, Toolboxes, Plastic Toolboxes, Tool Box, Tool Boxes, Toolbox, , Commercial Vehicle, Lockable, Fire Extinguishers, Truck and Trailer, Truck, trailer, Top Sections, Tractor Unit, Truck, Trailer Tractor Unit Mudguards, Top Mudguards UK, 1005, 1006, 1006-CORE, 1005-CORE, 1005-CAGY, JBFR65, JBFR751005-COGR HL17, HL26A, HL26B, J-EXT2KG, J-EXT3KG, J-EXT6KG, J-EXT9KG JBX, JBX-Series, JBX Series HL30C,HL31,HL31A,HL33,HL34,HL35,HL38C,HL39B,HL40,HL41,HL42A,HL42B,HL43A,HL43D,HL43G,HL45A,HL45B,HL35D, HL45E,HL47,HL47B,HL47F,HL47G,HL47M,HL49, HLS26A,HLS26B, HLS31, HLS31B, HLS40, HLS43A, HLS45A, HLS47, VG09,VG22A,VG26A,VG28,VG30C,VG31,VG33,VG38C,VG39,VG39B,VG43A,VG43D,VG45A,VG45B,VG47,VG47E,VG47G,J01,J01SE,JO6C,J09,J12,J19A,J22A,J23,J24A,J24B,J24C,J25,J27,J28,J29,J30C,J31,J33,J34,J35,J38C,J39,J39B,J39C,J41,J42,J43A,J43B,J44,J45A,JDV45,J45B,J45C,J47,J47B,J48, JX24,JX26,JX33,JX43A,JX45, JXS21, JXS45,J05F, J25SF,J27F,J28F,J36F,J41F,J43F,J46F,SP450,SP650,L28,L43, L46,L54,L61,L66,JS11,JS19,JS21,JS23,JS26,JS29,JS30A,JS31,JS40,JS43A,JS45A,JS47,JT610,JT650N,JT65A,JTP98,TR450,JTZ105,TRC450,JTR450,JTZ152, SL26C,SL31C,SL39C,SL43C,SL47C,XL46C,FL46C,JHT650N(rc66), JT24, JT34, JT105, JTP98, JT1864, JT2082, JT2086, JW21150, JW2483, RENTOPFLAT, RENTOPCURVE, VOLTOP, VOLOLDTOP, ACTTOP1,

  • Plastic boxes and cases
  • Plastic products
  • Toolboxes, plastic...

Albert Jagger Ltd

Our well established export division has always been a vitally important part of the business contributing significantly to the companys turnover. Selling through a combination of strategic partnerships with international distributors (Pan European, North America, Scandinavia, Australia, & New Zealand) as well as an extensive network of international agents. We recognise the importance of intimate knowledge of local trading conditions, as well as regional language skills. Supplying to over 70 countries throughout the World (Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central/East Europe, Western Europe, North America, Central America, South America) our export division is based at Head office in the Midlands. We can offer a professional service with a flexible approach drawing from a vast logistical experience to ensure prompt and accurate delivery whether by sea, land or air. Established in 1887, we are leading manufacturers & distributors of industrial hardware who can offer an immediate response from an extensive stock range, as well as a rapid prototype development process for bespoke solutions. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification ensures quality of both product & service. Primarily servicing the commercial vehicle body building industry, we can supply fittings, accessories & spares for Trailers, Buses, Coaches, Construction machinery, Heavy plant, Agricultural machinery, Shipping containers, Mobile motorhomes & Caravans. The diversity of our product range allows us to supply into other industry sectors such as Aerospace, Marine, Rail, Medical appliances, Industrial enclosures & Production machinery. With distribution centres strategically placed in the Midlands (head office), Lancashire & Hampshire, our broad customer base is effectively serviced nationwide. Key products include pull handles, lever handles, grab handles, locking handles, push button handles, tee handles, dished handles, chrome handles, plastic handles, stainless steel handles, aluminium handles, continuous hinges, piano hinge, lift off hinges, aluminium hinges, stainless steel hinges, plastic hinges, chrome hinges, bullet hinges, weld on hinges, quarter turn locks, rod locks, IP rated locks, overcentre latches, quarter turn latches, compression latches, rotor latches, mechanical fasteners, overcentre fasteners, toggle fasteners, stainless steel gas springs, compression gas springs, traction gas springs, lockable gas springs, adjustable gas springs, gas struts, dampers, telescopic drawer slides, linear slides, extruded door seals, protective edge trims, draught excluders, rotary ventilators, polyurethane sealants, structural bonding adhesives, direct glazing systems & glass bonding adhesives. Trade Names: Anti-Luce - truck side and tail board fasteners; Accuride - telescopic slides; Aquamaster - anti spray vehicle mudflaps; Bansbach - gas springs; Centaflex - continuous hinge; Centaur - commercial vehicle body parts and fittings; Centoplas - single arch wings; Industrilas - integrated hardware; Jagalok - truck sideboard fastening system; Jagger - commercial vehicle body parts and fittings; Ojop - overcentre fasteners; Trimark - vehicle handles, latching and central locking systems

  • Fasteners and fixing devices, metal, industrial
  • Fasteners, spring steel, industrial
  • Fasteners, titanium...

Dixon Group Europe

Automotive, Brewing, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Water. Dixon Group Europe Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of boss & quick release couplings, interchange couplings, cam & groove couplers, valves, hygienic fittings, steam & water couplings, hose assemblies, metallic & non-metallic hoses. Dixon Group Europe Ltd supports its customers worldwide from an extensive network of distribution centres. We have operations based in the UK, America, Australia and Germany. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by BSI and comply with ISO 9001 requirements. Dixon Group Europe Ltd have built up a reputation for our expertise, in-depth product knowledge, technical support and unrivalled quality. We also pride ourselves on the bespoke design of products and applications to meet individual customer requirements. Dixon Group Europe Ltd have provided 'the right connection' for companies in the following industries: Automotive, Brewing, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food & Beverages, Materials Handling, Mining, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel Mills, Water & Steam. Each hose assembly is tested before shipping to the customer and given test certificates. Tests include leak tests using water or air; or a pressure test conducted at one and a half times working pressure. We offer many of our fittings, valves and couplings in a range of materials including brass, aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and also in a range of exotic alloys including titanium, monel etc. Our metallic hoses are manufactured in accordance with ISO and in compliance with the pressure equipment directive (PED). They are available in convoluted stainless steel grade 321 and 316 with a variety of braids. Non-metallic hoses are available in PTFE, rubber and silicone with a variety of braids. Our product range includes hose fittings, clamps, quick couplings fasteners, connectors, threaded couplings, hose nipples, clips, adapters, hydraulic couplings, pneumatic couplings, hose assemblies, male and female fittings, quick release interchange couplings, hose couplings, hose ends, pressure gauges, pipeline fittings, weld couplings, valves, tanker products, ferrules, plugs, DIN standard products, holedall fittings, fire hose couplings, vapour caps, safety valves, o-rings, gaskets, seals, sight glasses and butterfly valves. Automotive, Brewing, Chemical, Construction, Distribution, Food, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Water.

  • Hydraulic valves
  • Valves, hydraulic, mechanically operated
  • Valves, hydraulic, motorised...
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