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Howard Butler Ltd ((t/a Hobut))

Howard Butler Ltd ((t/a Hobut))

Howard Butler Ltd is the UK's leading manufacturer of Current transformers, Electrical and Electronic Panel Meters, Shunts, Earth Leakage Relays, Transducers and associated products. We have been manufacturing the HOBUT range of products for over 90 years and export globally. Our range also features digital and analogue panel meters, multifunction meters, synchroscopes, kilowatt hour meters, battery charger meters, battery condition indicators and more. Our comprehensive product range can be viewed at Howard Butler Ltd has ISO 9001:2008 approval with a constantly reviewed quality policy. This ensures that through our vigilance, control, design methods and accountability throughout all stages of design and manufacture quality is designed and built into our products. Our in-house design engineers are able to work with customers to provide custom solutions where our standard product range is not applicable: - For instance where their application requires custom shunts or current transformers. Our policy is one of continuous improvement, therefore the HOBUT range is regularly added to with new products, mostly designed to IEC, BS, or DIN specifications. We hold extensive stocks of vital components to ensure quick delivery of both standard and special products. Customer satisfaction is central to the aims of Howard Butler Ltd, with our fully integrated computer system closely controlling orders, enquiries and stock More Information on our Products Cast Resin Transformers Earth Leakage Protection Relays Current Transformers Analogue Panel Meters Multi-Function Meters Synchroscopes Digital Meters Kilowatt Hour Meters Selector Switches Hours Run Counters Battery Charger Meters Multi-Function Transducers Transducers Protection Relays Batter Condition Indicators

  • Circuit breakers
  • Circuit breakers, earth leakage (ELCB)
  • Electric switches...

Custom Transformers Ltd

Custom Transformers Ltd

Custom Transformers Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of electrical transformers and wound components including Laminated transformers, Toroidal transformers and Ferrite transformers. The company was formed in Malmesbury in 1972 and now employs a dedicated team, skilled in the design and manufacture of custom transformers and wound components. The company continues to provide customers with products and services built upon its founding principles: * A total commitment to quality * Effective service provided to all customers, regardless of size * A partnership approach - with products designed hand in hand with our customers to ensure they meet exact specifications Custom Transformers offer a range of transformers designed to your specification using the most up-to-date designs, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Staff and directors remain as dedicated as ever to their founding principles, manufacturing over 20,000 electrical transformers and wound components per month. The company's continual investment in new plant and processing equipment, alongside regular reviews of production techniques ensures that a competitive market position is maintained to the benefit of all of our customers. This has continued with the building of a new factory in Easton Grey, built and designed around the founding principles quality, service and partnership. Since many transformer applications require custom solutions Custom Transformers has developed extensive experience in tailoring its products and services to meet specific customer requirements in many diverse areas - including alarm systems; electronic equipment; machine tools; telecommunications; control drives; oil, gas and water products; and many others. As transformer manufacturers customised transformers can be designed to suit your exact requirements. All products are RoHS Compliant. Key Phrase: Laminated Transformers Key Phrase: Ferrite Transformers Key Phrase: Bespoke Wound Parts Key Phrase: Mains Transformers Key Phrase: Coil Winding Service Key Phrase: Toroidal Transformers

  • Transformers and auto-transformers
  • Transformers and auto-transformers, up to 1 kVA
  • Transformers and auto-transformers, over 1 kVA...

Butler Valves & Fittings Limited

Butler Valves & Fittings Limited

Butler Valves are a UK based quality Manufacturer and Supplier of Condensate Pots, Seal Pots, Air Headers, GRP Sunshades, Instrument Valves and fittings for instrumentation and general process applications. We can manufacture in most materials from Carbon steel to Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys. We specialise in putting together Instrumentation and Electrical Bulk Material Packages for Power, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, and Desalination projects worldwide. Our experienced staff are fully conversant with all the latest specifications and requirements of the industry. Our products are manufactured and supplied to Quality Assurance procedures approved to BS EN ISO 9001. Butler Valves has over 20 years’ experience in supplying Bulk Material Packages to International Projects worldwide into some of the most challenging regions such as Iraq, West Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Sakhalin and Siberia in Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines - amongst others. We continue to be successful in securing supply contracts to international projects on the basis of Major Client Approvals such as BP Iraq, and Exxon Mobil; Confidence in delivery lead times, Competitive pricing and an ability to coordinate a wide range of materials at our Birmingham UK and Rhode Island USA Warehouses, using our broad knowledge of International standards and material specifications. We have very strong links with our manufacturers and we can assist with manufacturing and sourcing material to exotic specifications as well as the more standard requirements. More Information on our Products Sunshades & Enclosures Condensate Pots & Seal Pots Nickel Alloys Compression Fittings Instrumentation Valves & Manifolds Ball Valve Suppliers Check Valve Suppliers Globe Valve Suppliers Gate Valve Suppliers Pressure Relief Valve Suppliers Safety Valve Suppliers

  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, metal
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, malleable cast iron
  • Pipe, tube and hose fittings, wrought iron or steel...

Magdev Ltd

MagDev Limited is part of the Delta Magnetics Group. The group is made up of Delta Magnets Ltd, located in Nashik, India who manufacture hard ferrite arc and segment Magnets, MMG India Pvt Ltd located in Chennai, India who manufacture soft ferrite products and MagDev Ltd located in Swindon, UK who has been a specialist in magnetic products for over 71 years with unrivalled technical expertise. MagDev offers total solutions and a level of service, design and technical support that is unmatched. Products distributed and manufactured include an extensive range of permanent magnets, soft magnetic components, sub assemblies, magnetic materials and accessories. Our Permanent Magnet Range includes: Neodymiun Iron Boron, Sintered Ferrite, Alnico, Samarium Colbolt, Bonded Magnets, Injection Moulded Magnets and Flexible Magnets. Our Soft Magnetics Range includes: Manganese zinc ferrites for powerapplications and Nickel Zinc ferrites for high frequency and low signal applications. The range of Powdered Metal Cores includes toroidal cores in a range of sizes and materials. Both of these product ranges are widely used in the Industrial, Environmental, Computer, Telecommunications, Automotive, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics industries. We will bring value to our customers and achieve profitable growth by developing our people, introducing new technologies, providing application specific solutions, building strategic partnerships and delivering Premier Customer Service.

  • Basic metal products
  • Sintered metals
  • Magnet alloys, sintered...

A G W Electronics Ltd

Manufacturer and designer of quality wound components, PCBs, Transformers, Inductors, Chokes and Electronic Assemblies. Established for over 40 years. Established in 1975 AGW Electronics Ltd. is now a market leader in the design and manufacture of wound components, transformers, inductors, chokes and electronic assemblies, supplying the power control, industrial drive, military, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive and leisure markets. As a quality manufacturer the policy of AGW Electronics Ltd. is to provide a complete service, based on technical and commercial knowledge, production efficiency and quality assurance, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our success is based on our belief in the necessity to always meet our customers' requirements in terms of quality, reliability and service. AGW International Ltd. has also been set up to allow our customers to benefit from off-shore manufacturing costs for higher volume products, without losing local service. AGW Electronics Ltd. has been manufacturing transformers, inductors, chokes and electronic assemblies for over 40 years, during which time it has developed the ability to react swiftly to market changes and customer needs. Never has this ability been more necessary than in today's global markets, where developing, marketing and manufacturing products quickly and economically has become essential. Our skilled and experienced development and production engineers, backed by an expert logistics team, enables us to help customers to develop, prototype, and gain the required type approvals for their products, within today's ever diminishing timescales. Key phrases: Transformer manufacturer Key phrases: Inductor manufacturer Key phrases: Coil design and manufacturer Key phrases: coil windings Key phrases: Ferrite coil Manufacturer

  • Transformers and auto-transformers
  • Transformers and auto-transformers, up to 1 kVA
  • Transformers, dry...

Best Windings Ltd

Best Windings is an 1S09001 approved design and manufacturing house for high quality magnetic components. From our headquarters in eastern England we can support you with low to medium volumes produced in the UK, and using our offshore partners we supply high volumes at competitive prices. Our capabilities range from miniature signal components handling less than a microwatt, up to substantial power devices handling over a kilowatt. Many of our products are used in safety-critical applications and provide isolation to high international standards, e.g. reinforced insulation and intrinsic isolation. We will design for you, design with you, or work to your own design to produce components of the highest integrity. Whether it be a new design concept, an existing product, or a product running into obsolescence with your current supplier, we offer first class support founded on knowledge and experience stretching back many years - our company directors alone combine over 200 years of service in the electronics industry, and fully understand the requirements of fast-moving, ever-changing products. Best Windings emerged from the innovative Electronic Techniques (ETAL), founded in 1968, and we continue as authorized distributor for the leading brand of ETAL standard products. Best Windings now incorporates OSEC2000 and is strengthened by its standard and custom capabilities. We also work closely with our local specialized magnetics design house, Auremac, to assure you of the best possible technical solutions.

  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Transformers and auto-transformers
  • Transformers and auto-transformers, up to 1 kVA...
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