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Limescale and scum in water present a problem - all over the world the problem. In the domestic field scale builds up and damages equipment Kettles Washing Machines Dishwashers Boilers Storage Tanks Replacement costs can exceed £800 ($1400 USD Approx). apart from the costs there is the effect of limescale on dishwasher contents, domestic clothing and in some cases taste. Limescale and scum problems can be eliminated. No matter where you live the Water Imp range of Water Conditioners will help to solve your problem or guarantee your money back. Real value for money especially when measured against replacement costs and the difficulties of calcium loaded water. Immediate effective guaranteed action or your money back - Worldwide Our 98% success rate gives purchaser confidence. Our 100% money back guarantee confirms confidence. Water is a vagarious commodity. Usually impossible to change your supply. With WATER IMP, you can correct it. Get what you need not what your given. Proven effectiveness 98%. Easy to fit. Fast effective action. Worldwide guarantees. No plumbing, no structural changes, no maintenance. Water Imp is always there to help you 3 models for all your needs performance or your money back guarantee. No plumbing, no structural changes, no maintenance, self installed in 20 mins. Fit and forget. Although calcium damages equipment and causes problems it is healthy to drink. Healthy drinking water. No need for a separate supply. For piece of mind Act now to improve your domestic water. To save time To save money To protect your domestic appliances To protect your precious china and glass ware To have healthy drinking water. To upgrade your swimming pool. Running cost maximum £8 per year ($15USD approx) Immediate availability on all three models. Act now - go to our web site for your 5% discount now. For industrial Commercial application please email for advice.

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