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Flexicon Europe Ltd engineers and manufactures a broad variety of bulk handling equipment and automated systems. Flexicon equipment can be fully integrated with other process equipment and storage vessels, either new or existing, located anywhere in the plant. Equipment manufactured by Flexicon handles virtually any bulk material, from large pellets to sub-micron powders. This includes free-flowing and non-free-flowing products and materials that pack, cake, plug, smear or fluidise, as well as blends that separate. The line includes: Flexible Screw Conveyors Tubular Cable Conveyors Pneumatic Conveying Systems Bulk BagDischargers Bulk Bag Conditioners Bulk Bag Fillers Bag Dump Stations Drum/Box/Container Tippers Weigh Batching and Blending Systems Automated Plant-Wide Bulk Handling Systems. All equipment and systems are available in stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial standards, and in carbon steel with durable industrial finish. Equipment also conforms to ATEX, UL, CSA, CE and other electrical standards. Custom-engineered systems incorporate equipment manufactured by Flexicon as well as other process and storage equipment. Flexicon's worldwide network of experienced engineers and support technicians provide a one-stop source for integrated bulk handling systems designed to meet specific material, process and budget requirements. A state-of-the-art test laboratory runs customer-supplied materials on full size equipment that can be configured to optimise performance prior to manufacturing and delivery. Flexicon Europe Ltd moved to a larger UK headquarters in Kent in 2013. The Flexicon Group is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA and has other locations in Brisbane, Australia, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Santiago, Chile and Singapore.

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