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James Hutton Mouldings Ltd

James Hutton Pressings Limited is a company committed to quality and to providing a first class service at competitive prices. Quality presswork is produced in all metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. Pressed and welded assemblies are supplied for a wide variety of applications in motor vehicles and electrical goods as well as numerous other industries. Tooling for both Pressings and Expanded Polystyrene Mouldings is produced in our well equipped toolroom. A standard range of hinged lid steel boxes are manufactured, but any size can be made up to 400mm x 400mm x 400mm using the asme format. Expanded polystyrene mouldings for packaging are produced up to a maximum size of 1000mm x 695mm. The mouldings offer superb protection for your goods in transit, as well as being extremely cost effective over other types of packaging. The mouldings can be made to customer specifications, or designed by James Hutton (Pressings) Limited. James Hutton Janitorial Supplies produce a range of janitorial tools including Performance Enhancing Broom Clamps, Paint Roller Frames and Floor Scrapers. We are market leaders in producing strong, highly durable and easy to handle sweeping broom clamps, broom sockets, paint roller frames, double arm point roller frames and floor scrapers, floor squeegee straight and curved edge for industrial applications. Our products are specially designed and produced for heavy duty use, including the commercial sweeping, cleaning and scraping of floors to serve the Building Trade and Janitorial Supplies Markets. Manufacturers of expanded polystyrene products, polystyrene mouldings (packaging), also pressings, general presswork. In addition polystyrene moulding services; pressings, automotive & pressings, stainless steel, control boxes, sheet metal, expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, metal pressings, polystyrene (PS) boxes, moulded, polystyrene (PS) cut pieces, packaging, pressings, caps, pressings, copper, pressings, cups, pressings, domestic lighting, pressings, electrical control equipment, pressings, fabricated, pressings, hardware, pressings, high precision, pressings, metal, automotive, pressings, motor vehicle component, pressings, off road vehicle, pressings, plastic, pressings, spring, pressings, stainless steel, pressings, steel, pressings, washers, pressings, welded, steel boxes.

Supplier of:

  • Metal pressing contractors
  • Deep drawing services for metals
  • Pressing services for military equipment...

Advanced Coated Products Ltd

Advanced Coated Products have been processing paper and film since the company was founded in 1942, and have been supplying silicone coated products to customers since 1966. Our product range is now mainly silicone release coatings on a very wide substrate base. Over the years we have developed bespoke liner and coating combinations to both chemically and physically engineer the correct solution. These have included tinted, matt and Quillon' coatings. Highly experienced technical team - robust chemical and physical solutions Flexible manufacturing equipment - rapid development of bespoke solutions In-house laboratory - Full testing and development Partnership developments - working with suppliers and customers to develop imaginative and cost-effective solutions. Advanced Coated Products provide an extensive selection of coatings on a comprehensive range of substrates. Special solutions are developed by our experienced technical team, backed by a range of application testing equipment. Our complete product customization includes a large range of printing, coating and converting options. Filmic and paper release liners, Food grade packaging and release papers, Contract coating, Coloured silicones, Block and void prints, Stripe coatings, Thermal and UV cured solvent free silicones, Thermally cured emulsion silicones, Non silicone coatings. We work with a large range of industries including, medical, tapes, building and insulation, hygiene, envelope release liners, graphics, food liners, process liners, covering films, label laminates. We provide bakery and food processing customers with a unique variety of silicone papers derived from comprehensive manufacturing and product development facilities, supported by a quality management system approved to ISO9001:2000. Including Silicone Coated Vegetable Parchment Paper, Silicone Coated Greaseproof Paper, Silicone Coated Coloured Paper, Meatsaver Paper, Impregnated waxed Bleached Kraft Paper, Plain Vegetable Parchment, Plain Greaseproof Paper. Tape products include Inerted UV low odour silicones - superior high speed performance, Narrow width capability, Metalized, Biodegradable options, Low gauge, down to 9 micron - improved production efficiency, Colours. Whether diapers, waxing strips or sanitary products, we are at the leading edge of development and solution provision.

Supplier of:

  • Paper and board
  • Base and backing paper
  • Base paper for adhesives...
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