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Plastic products for the mechanical engineering industry
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Trimat Ltd

Trimat Ltd

Specialist manufacturers of industrial and marine brake linings offering first class products and service worldwide. Trimat is a specialist UK manufacturer of asbestos free friction materials that offers premium quality products and service to a worldwide customer base. Established in 1962, Trimat produces a broad range of friction products that are used on an expansive range of brake and clutch applications. Recognised for their high quality and performance, Trimat brake and clutch linings are the natural choice for original equipment manufacturers and replacement spares. From our modern manufacturing facility in the heart of the UK, we produce woven, extruded, moulded and pressed friction materials. All aspects of production from raw materials to the finished brake and clutch parts are controlled by our quality management system, which is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Trimat materials can be used by the following industries: Agricultural, Domestic Appliance, Marine, Aerospace, Power & Transmission, Oil & Gas, On/Off Highway, Construction, Wind Energy, Lifting, Elevator. Research and development is an integral part of the Trimat business model. Collaborating closely with OEM clients, Trimat is actively involved in the design, development and upgrading of brake and clutch systems. More Information on our Products Industrial Brake Linings Organic Friction Materials Marine Brake Linings Disc Brake Pads Clutch Linings Friction Discs and Rings Flexible brake linings Rigid brake linings Woven brake linings Asbestos free brake linings Non asbestos friction materials

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Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa (UK) Ltd

Elesa (UK) Ltd is a branch office of the Elesa Spa group, international manufacturer of plastic and metal standard machine parts for the mechanical engineering industry for over 75 years. Elesa products express a quality of design and ergonomic research with recognition of its brands as guarantees of quality and reliability. Continuous attention to clients’ needs and a rapid service have made Elesa a reference point for designers and builders. More than 45,000 product codes, 180 patents and 42 international design awards produced with systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO1401 are supported by localised stock and technical support. Elesa Standards cover industrial components including, handwheels, handles, levers, knobs, gears, spring and indexing plungers, levelling feet, locks and latches and hydraulic tank accessories in engineering grade plastics, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Also a range of light to heavy duty industrial castors, vibration damping elements, conveyor components, rod ends, fork joints and magnets. Industrial machinery and equipment are well served with the Elesa anti-vibration mounts, ball lock pins, ball transfer units, filler breathers, grip knobs, latch clamps and metal hinges, in addition to oil level indicators, plastic hinges, pneumatic clamps, stainless steel hinges, toggle clamps, tubular handles and wing knobs. More Information on our Products Handwheels & Crank Handles Clamping Knobs Clamping Levers Lift & Pull Handles Revolving Handles Control Knobs Position Indicators Indexing Plungers Spring Plungers Levelling Feet Hinges Locks & Latches Filler Breather Caps Column Level Gauges Castors & Wheels Tube Connecting Clamps Adjustable Feet Adjustable Handles Anti Vibration Mounts Ball Lock Pins Bridge Handles Cam Action Levers Cam Latches Castors & Wheels Clamping Handles Column Level Indicators Detent Hinges Digital Position Indicators Drain & Blanking Plugs Eye Screws Flush Handles Fork Joints Friction Hinges Grab Handles Guide Rails Hook Clamps Indexing Handles Indexing Levers Levelling feet Lift Off Hinges Lobe Knobs Machine Mounts Magnets Modular Roller Tracks Oil Level Indicators Quick Release Pins Recessed Handles Rod Ends Safety Hinges Stainless Steel Hinges Toggle Clamps Tubular clamps Vibration Dampers Washers Wing Knobs Wing Nuts

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Protec Plastics

Protec Plastics

Moulded Platics Protective Components at the Best Price in the Market Protec offers multi-application protective caps, plugs, cable-glands and connectors for all industries such as hydraulic and pneumatic, pipe and flange, wire & cable, vehicles, fabrication, construction, automotive. Protec products and capabilities include protection for powertrains, fuel systems, steering systems, brake systems and banjo union connections. Protec manufactures a wide range of flange joint spray-out protectors and high temperature masking protection parts. Protec production capabilities include manufacturing with a variety of materials including PP, nylon, LDPE, HDPE, PP, TPE, and PPS. Production processes at Protec use virgin source materials only. Over 80 injection moulding machines and dip moulding capabilities are available and Protec holds more than 400 million parts in stock at all times. Protec is the global market leading provider of protection and finishing caps and plugs, manufacturing and distributing plastic protective caps and plugs, strain relief connectors and metal protective products. Operating units in several countries serve a very broad base of more than 10.000 customers with a rapid supply of primarily plastic products for protection and finishing applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, pneumatics, oil and gas, tubular pipeline products and electronics. Protec meets the most stringent demands of safety and operations reliability. International approvals and certifications such as UL, CSA, VDE, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-12 and VDA 6.2 assures you of our quality commitment. Should you require information about i.e. threaded caps, pipe caps, protective plugs or cable glands, please contact the Protec sales team. Or simply request a free copy of our Protec product catalogue full of plugs, protective caps, plastic caps, flange protection and protection components. Protec's low priced products are designed specifically to meet with universal industrial approval at all levels. Consequently by choosing Protec as your No. 1 supplier you will benefit from Protec's unique position of offering products of the highest technical specification at the lowest price in the market. Now ! Is the time to reduce your costs. More Information on our Products Pipe Protection Caps Pipe Protection Plugs Pipe End FlexiPlugs Tapered Protection Plugs Pull Ring Tapered Plugs Snap-Fit Grip Plugs Thermoplastic Rubber Plugs Flanges Banjo Union Caps Protection Caps Stud Protection Caps Silicone Caps Barrel Plugs Threaded Sealing Plugs Threaded Caps Plastic Protectors Protective Caps and Plugs Plastic Pipe Caps Cable Glands

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Castle Pumps

Castle Pumps Ltd, established in 2007, is an independent pump distributor located in Nottingham, distributing numerous pump types, by a range of manufacturers, to customers all over the world. Here at Castle Pumps we regularly work with customers who require a pumping solution that is not readily available on the ‘off-the-shelf’ market. In order to fulfil customer specific requests, we specify and design solutions based upon their individual needs, providing them with a finished product which matches their requirements. Over the years we have worked with many high profile clients, worked to strict and challenging technical criteria, but have achieved admirable results – creating custom built pumps to specified materials, high temperatures, set duty points with motors to varying voltages, frequencies and IP ratings. We offer a large range of pumps at Castle which are listed on the website by type, application and manufacturer. Pump types that we distribute include centrifugal, progressive cavity, vertical immersion, screw, magnetic drive and side channel, plus many more. The above pumps come from a variety of manufacturers that we have built close and well established relationships with and these include but are not limited to Bombas Azcue, Nova Rotors, Standart Pompa, Flux and Raasm. Common applications that we supply pumps for are sea water, fuel transfer, chemical, circulating and viscous fluids. A full list of all 30 applications, as well as further pump types and manufactures, can be found on our website Not only do we supply and build pumps, but here at Castle we also offer technical advice for those who may be experiencing issues or are unsure on solving an application. Our extensive knowledge and experience, along with our expert sales engineers, enables us to diagnose issues over the phone or offer a visit if required. For problems with applications, we can assist you in exploring the matter, suggesting ideas and offering more than one solution. Castle Pumps have 14,000 sq. ft of warehouse space where some product lines are stocked for immediate dispatch and customer goods are delivered and checked. Spare parts are also available at Castle, for a wide variety of our pumps, because we acknowledge the vitality of having these parts made readily available. As well as supplying API pumps (American Petroleum Institute) – pumps approved to safely handle hydrocarbons at high pressures and temperatures, Castle Pumps Ltd are part of the British Association of Ship Suppliers (BASS), International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA), and Independent Ship Suppliers and Services Association (ISSA).

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Lubrication free bearings - anti static bearings - low friction bearings - non magnetic bearings - chemical resistant bearings - corrosion resistant bearings - lightweight bearings ... Having been at the cutting edge of plastic bearing technology for over 30 years, Sarnatech BNL's expertise in this specialised field is unrivalled. Part of the international Sarna Group of Companies, Sarnatech BNL specialises in the design and manufacture of plastic bearings and associated assemblies that offer many advantages over the traditional steel bearing. Operating in a truly global marketplace, we adhere to high international quality standards and are constantly striving to stretch the boundaries of plastic bearing technology. Product Benefits Our experience, together with the design flexibility of injection moulding and the key properties of thermoplastics, allows us to deliver product benefits including anti-static, low friction, corrosion and chemical resistance, reduced weight and inertia and no requirement for lubrication. Cost Down Solutions Our dedicated in-house design team achieves the best and most cost-effective solutions for all our customers. Specialist design expertise in conjunction with world-leading CAD technology, results in the promotion of added value through the integration of additional features such as axles, precision gears, fixing clips, mounting flanges and pulleys to form fully integrated assemblies that deliver whole system cost reductions. Product Diversity We regularly work in partnership with a variety of blue-chip OEMs worldwide, across a range of industries. Our bearings are found in applications as diverse as photocopiers, cars, spa baths and mobile satellite antenna - if plastic is a suitable material, we guarantee a perfect bearing solution. Standard Product Catalogue To complement our custom-designed bearing solutions, we also offer a comprehensive range of "off the shelf" bearings, including full complement bearings; caged bearings; bearings with locking collars; miniature bearings; flanged bearings; thrust races; pulleys; conveyor bearings and door assemblies. Quality In 2004 we were named "Supplier of the Year" by Ricoh UK Products Ltd, in addition to achieving "Class A Supplier" status for the third consecutive year - an award only achieved by suppliers who deliver 100% on time with zero defects. A company-wide culture of continuous improvement is fundamental to the success of the business and is reflected in our achievement of ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and QS-9000 accreditations, making us well placed to meet our customers' demanding quality requirements. We are also on target to transfer to the new global automotive standard ISO/TS 16949 later in 2004.

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S M B Bearings

SMB Bearings are one of the most specialised miniature bearings companies selling across the world. SMB Bearings are suppliers of miniature ball bearings for industrial, manufacturing and design applications. We are highly specialised and experts in our field. To complement the range of miniature bearings, including micro bearings and mini bearings, we stock stainless steel bearings, plastic bearings, thin section bearings, corrosion resistant bearings and low noise electric motor bearings. We keep most of the range in high precision Japanese EZO brand. EZO have been a specialist manufacturer of high precision bearings for over 30 years and have a deserved worldwide reputation amongst customers and bearing manufacturers alike for total consistency and reliability. EZO bearings are used the world over in precision instruments, automotive applications, electric motors, top-of-the-range audio equipment, robotics. In fact anywhere where quality cannot be compromised. We also supply standard grade SMB China for the more cost critical applications. To see some uses for SMB products, select "Applications" from the top menu on our website Please note - our policy is no minimum order quantity. Thanks to our degreasing and re-lubrication facility, we can supply our bearings with a choice of lubrication. We can also degrease and re-lubricate your own bearings to order. Our bearings are used in a wide range of applications. We list some of the more common ones: Automotive Bearings, Bakery Bearings, Bicycle Bearings (Cartridge Bearings), Clock Bearings, Corrosion -resistant Bearings, Domestic Appliance Bearings, Electric Motor Bearings, Fishing Reel Bearings, Food Machinery Bearings, Instrument Bearings, Medical Equipment Bearings, RC Models, Skate bearings, Vacuum Bearings. Stainless steel bearings Corrosion resistant bearings Miniature bearings. Key Phrases: Ball bearings Key Phrases: Miniature bearings Key Phrases: Instrument bearings Key Phrases: Small bearings Key Phrases: Bearing relubrication Key Phrases: Ceramic bearings Key Phrases: Stainless steel bearings Key Phrases: Corrosion resistant bearings Key Phrases; Plastic bearings

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Caledonian Industries Ltd

Caledonian Ferguson Timpson are a long established materials technology and manufacturing company based in Glasgow supplying the growth industries of electronics and telecommunications. Our experience of precision foam and engineering plastics has fuelled our growth as a key supplier of packaging products and components for mobile phones and base stations. Ongoing innovation and performance continue to keep us at the forefront supplying seals and gaskets for the oil, gas and automotive industries. We currently operate in two complimentary divisions, Materials Engineering Division and Packaging Division, our Materials Engineering Division is a specialist manufacturer of gaskets and die-cut components in a wide range of materials. The Packaging Division provides precision fabricated foam packaging mainly to the electronics industry. We also provide advice and a fitting service. MAIN PRODUCT SECTORS Precision Foam, Packaging, Seals & Gaskets, Acoustic Engineering & Thermoplastics. MAIN MARKET SECTORS Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Oil & Gas and Telecomms. Construction, Toys We are the Scottish preferred converters of the Poron® range of cellular urethanes and silicone foams manufactured by the Rogers Corporation. These materials can be applied as gaskets, pressure pads and shock/vibration cushions. Properties to be highlighted regarding this material include compression set resistance, high energy absorption (shock/vibration) and low out-gassing & biodegradable packaging.

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