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Butler Valves & Fittings Limited

Butler Valves & Fittings Limited

Butler Valves are a UK based quality Manufacturer and Supplier of Condensate Pots, Seal Pots, Air Headers, GRP Sunshades, Instrument Valves and fittings for instrumentation and general process applications. We can manufacture in most materials from Carbon steel to Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys. We specialise in putting together Instrumentation and Electrical Bulk Material Packages for Power, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, and Desalination projects worldwide. Our experienced staff are fully conversant with all the latest specifications and requirements of the industry. Our products are manufactured and supplied to Quality Assurance procedures approved to BS EN ISO 9001. Butler Valves has over 20 years’ experience in supplying Bulk Material Packages to International Projects worldwide into some of the most challenging regions such as Iraq, West Africa, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Sakhalin and Siberia in Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines - amongst others. We continue to be successful in securing supply contracts to international projects on the basis of Major Client Approvals such as BP Iraq, and Exxon Mobil; Confidence in delivery lead times, Competitive pricing and an ability to coordinate a wide range of materials at our Birmingham UK and Rhode Island USA Warehouses, using our broad knowledge of International standards and material specifications. We have very strong links with our manufacturers and we can assist with manufacturing and sourcing material to exotic specifications as well as the more standard requirements. More Information on our Products Sunshades & Enclosures Condensate Pots & Seal Pots Nickel Alloys Compression Fittings Instrumentation Valves & Manifolds Ball Valve Suppliers Check Valve Suppliers Globe Valve Suppliers Gate Valve Suppliers Pressure Relief Valve Suppliers Safety Valve Suppliers

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Buxoplas Manufacturing

Buxoplas manufacture Nylon Tubing and Hose Armouring products that are perfect for use in heavy duty Plant Machinery. We also manufacture Nylon tubing in a number different grades that enhance certain properties. One grade HLX, is a high temperature grade of Nylon that is perfect for under bonnet applications. Buxoplas Manufacturing also produces DIN printed air-brake tubing in the standard colours which is intended for use on articulated vehicles. Buxoplas Manufacturing produce plastic tubing in a variety of materials that are widely used in construction and mining industries. For example we manufacture anti-static and conductive products, and different grades, sizes and resistances. These are excellent for use in roof bolting, cement grouting and soil solidification projects. Buxoplas Manufacturing produce Spiral Cut and High Temperature Nylon used for the organisation of cables and fuel lines in Marine vessels respectively and Welding Rod which is often used for the fabrication of aspects of Marine equipment. Buxoplas Manufacturing produce types of tubing that are thoroughly tested to withstand extreme weather conditions thus providing an good service life, making them perfect for agricultural use. SDR11 Black Polyethylene (PE80) DIN Specification Pipe is a specific product used for the transportation of non-potable water, landfill leachate extraction, agricultural irrigation, market gardening, horticulture, park and golf course irrigation and sewage, drainage and ducting. Agents required worldwide.

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