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A B Dynamics

Anthony Best Dynamics have twenty five years experience in providing practical engineering solutions, the company offers products relating to noise, vibration and vehicle suspension. The product line includes suspensions parameter measuring machines, steering robots for transient response testing, brake robots, transmission noise/vibration measurement systems (PLATO), and engine assembly fault detection systems (NUREN). Design, test, and measurement services are also offered. Manufacturers of testing equipment for automotive suspensions, steering and braking - suspension kinematics and compliance measuring machines, robots for vehicle handling and braking tests. Noise and vibration test systems for quality control of engines, gearboxes, axles etc.. Noise and vibration and vehicle suspension consultants. Prototype bonded rubber component design and manufacture Supplier of vehicle driving robots, vehicle suspension kinematics and compliance test machines, NVH test systems and bespoke practical engineering solutions. ABD's range of products include; Kinematics and Compliance test machines; In-vehicle steering, braking and accelerator robots; Driverless vehicle control test systems; Steering system test machines and Powertrain NVH measurement and analysis systems. Many of the world's leading automotive manufacturers now use ABD's products. ABD's Engineers have significant expertise in vehicle suspension design, vehicle dynamics and noise and vibration analysis. This expertise is available to provide bespoke practical engineering solutions on a consultancy basis. ABD is a leading supplier of Vehicle Control Robots. The robots are used to apply precise and repeatable test inputs to the vehicles control system during vehicle handling, safety and durability testing. ABD's robot systems fit quickly and easily into most vehicles including cars, buses and HGV's. The design allows the driver to drive the vehicle safely with the robot installed. The range of robots includes steering robots, a brake robot, an accelerator robot, a clutch robot and a gear change robot. With ABD's GPS based path following application the steering robot can precisely control the path taken by the vehicle. If steering, brake and accelerator robots are used with path following the precise vehicle position at any moment in time can be controlled. ABD's Driverless test system utilises ABD's vehicle control robots with the GPS path following application and a fail-safe braking system that will stop the vehicle in an emergency. The driverless system enables dangerous vehicle testing to be undertaken without the risk of injury to a driver. Typical applications include vehicle mis-use testing, ADAS testing, dangerous vehicle handling tests and repetitive or harsh vehicle durability tests. With driverless systems installed in two or more cars co-ordinated vehicle tests can also be undertaken. ABD's Noise and Vibration Analysis products include the PLATO NVH test system which is for fast production line testing of products such as axles & transmissions.

Supplier of:

  • Anti-vibration mountings, rubber
  • Rubber products
  • Anti-vibration mountings, rubber-to-metal bonded, marine...
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