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Metallisation Ltd

Metallisation Ltd are the only UK manufacturer and worldwide supplier of thermal spray / metal spray equipment, wires and powders. Founded in 1922, shortly after the invention of the metal spraying process, we now manufacture and supply flame spray, arc spray, plasma spray and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) spray systems. We have worldwide distributors and also deal direct with countries where we have no representation. Our key strength is the quality of service to all our clients, both small and large either directly or via our distributors. We are willing to confidentially discuss applications with our customers and will talk them through the equipment that is most suitable for their needs. Combined with the quality of service, our equipment is of simple design, enabling easy operation and maintenance wherever you are in the world. The process is an alternative to galvanizing and is very suited to large applications in harsh, corrosive environments. Our flame spray and arc spray equipment is used to apply galvanising / corrosion protection coatings of zinc, aluminium and zinc/aluminum alloys onto steelwork such as bridges, stadiums, electrical enclosures, playground equipment and construction projects such as hotels (including the Burj Al Arab in Dubai). It is also widely used to apply zinc and zinc alloys to concrete bridges and buildings to protect the internal reinforcing bars. The equipment is suitable for automation and is used in the coating of ERW tubes, spun cast iron pipes, rolled steel pipes and multivoid aluminium tubing. Engineering coatings for wear, thermal barrier, thermal conductivity, slip and friction such as chrome steels, stainless steels, babbit, copper, bronze, brass, tungsten carbides and ceramics can also be applied. Applications include chrome replacement for a variety of mining and oil and gas applications; build up and repair of worn shaft, clutch plates, brake discs; aerospace applications; high performance automotive coatings; wear protection of rolls in the paper and print industry. The list of potential applications is vast. All export shipping is processed by a member of the Institute of Export with over 12 years of experience. More than 50% of the Metallisation business is with Countries outside of the UK. We can either deal directly with customers in many Countries and we are represented by distributors with pre-sales and technical experience in the following Countries: USA, Brazil, Chile, Eire, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Romania, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia

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