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Novex UK Ltd

Novex UK Ltd

WELCOME TO NOVEX With over 45 years of experience, Novex can take the stress and worries out of importing and exporting products from the renowned engineers of Europe and the surrounding areas, overcoming frustrating language barriers and culture differences, giving a trouble free service to English speaking countries worldwide. Our enquiries are far reaching both in the nature of the products and their location, touching on a vast and varied range of requests. No matter what your requirement, or your location, at Novex our comprehensive global sourcing infrastructure, based in Europe, will source and deliver your needs effortlessly. DISTRIBUTING QUALITY PRODUCTS GLOBALLY At Novex we have a wealth of experience in dealing with an ever increasing range of products for a constantly widening customer base. We are supplying products from around Europe including Machinery and components, to ironmongery and tools, raw natural materials and even food, in container or pallet quantities. We then arrange shipping by road, sea or air as well as compile all needed certification, customs documents and finally sending a Bill of Lading to confirm the goods are safely on their way. THE BENEFITS OF NOVEX We have an enviable reputation for providing professional and efficient service to our international client base, sourcing high quality products and ensuring reliable deliveries around the globe thanks to the stringent choice of trusted partners. At Novex we understand the importance of having confidence in your supplier, and knowing your goods will be delivered on time and on spec. From sourcing products, supplying samples, negotiating deals and finally delivering goods to your door, we can free up your staff to do what they are good at in selling products and driving your business forward. If you need reassurance of a global partner based in the heart of Europe, in place to source the items your business needs, contact Novex Today. Keyword phrase: Supplier Research Keyword phrase: Supplier Reports Keyword phrase: Costing Advice Keyword phrase: Goods Shipping Arrangements Keyword phrase: Import Documentation Keyword phrase: Shipping Documentation Keyword phrase: Product Sourcing Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Raw Materials Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Custom Products Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Agricultural Products Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Ironmongery Keyword phrase:Sourcing & Shipping Domestic Products Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Cleaning Products Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Agricultural Machinery Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Food Products Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Workwear Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Industrial Hardwear Keyword phrase: Sourcing & Shipping Machinery

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