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K C C Basildon Chemicals

Antifoams, silicone greases, silicone release agents, silicone softeners. Suppliers of silicone fluids. Contract manufacturing. WHO WE ARE As a major European manufacturer of silicone compounds, Basildon Chemicals supplies its specialist products worldwide via a well established network of distributors. For over thirty years we have been at the forefront of producing high quality silicone products for use in numerous applications. Our silicone emulsions and antifoams are found in some of the world's biggest home brands with our market coverage expanding every year. Our extensive technical knowledge and abilities within the industry mean that Basildon Chemicals are ideally placed to satisfy your requirements for silicone products. Whether it's an off the shelf product from our standard range, or a bespoke product to meet a particular requirement, we can help solve your challenges or add value to your formulation. How can we help you today? CUSTOMER SERVICE Our Company philosophy is very simple we listen to you, in order to supply the products you need, in the form you wish to receive them, and in the time scale you require them. As a worldwide exporter currently selling to 5 of the 7 continents in the world, we satisfy the requirements of companies large and small, wherever they may be. INDUSTRIES Agrochemicals Car Care Food Production Fermentation General Industrial Home Care Inks & Coatings Personal Care & Cosmetics Pharmaceuticals Rubber & Plastics Textiles Water Treatment PRODUCTS Silicone Antifoams (Food, Pharmaceutical and Kosher grades available) Non-silicone Antifoams Silicone Emulsions Silicone Fluids (Blends and Modified Silicones available) Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pacific Rim, South Asia, North and South America. Agents worldwide. Details on request.

Supplier of:

  • Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals for textiles
  • Fabric softeners and conditioners for the textile industry...
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