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Pura Stone

Pura Stone are experts and specialists in designing, manufacturing and installation of granite and quartz worktops along with an array of other natural stone products. We only use the finest range of materials carefully selected from a range of UK suppliers. Our highly skilled granite stonemasons and worktop fabricators in Sussex, Surrey and London can accommodate your exact requirements. Our stone showroom provides you with a selection of natural stone surfaces for you to choose from. With years of experience in handling granite and quartz worktops we can give advice and guidance on which stones are best suited for your purpose. With great customer service provided by our industry leading team of designers, fabricators and installers Pura Stone are perfectly placed to assist you in all projects irrespective of size. We aim to give you the reassurance that the luxury stone you have selected will be created and installed to the highest quality standard. With showrooms, offices, manufacturing plants and distributions centres located around the south east, Pura Stone install high quality bespoke kitchen worktops throughout the South East and across the UK. From our expert templaters, through to manufacture and installation you can be sure of a friendly, approachable and efficient service. Contact Pura Stone today and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products and services. We are happy to supply you with rough estimates to exact quotes within a exceptional time frame.

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Acemar Stone

Acemar is a company based out of Verona Italy & London, UK. The company began when Pizzato Rizzieri – who, at the time, was one of the first men to quarry marble in Altopiano di Asiago – started extracting Bianco Perlino – Rosa Perlino and Rosso Asiago marble inside the quarry he himself had opened. Today, we still operate as a family business, and we now have the scale and flexibility to service a greater number of clients across the globe. We are suppliers of bespoke natural stone such as marble, granite and onyx to fabricators, architects, designers and private clients for commercial and residential projects. We supply marble from our own quarry, as well as other Italian quarries and suppliers from all over the world. We’ve been in business for over 60 years, all the way back in 1956. As a natural stone supplier, we offer expertise in a variety of different projects: Cut-to-size projects Tiles for flooring Wallcoverings Kitchen counters Staircases Sinks Vanity tops And much, much more. We offer a wide range of natural stones such as marble, granite and onyx from all over the world based on our client’s needs and budget. From sourcing our stone to the finished product, we offer unparalleled attention to detail and quality standards at every step of the manufacturing process. Our mission is to make marble and other types of natural stone more affordable for the masses. We specialise in white marble from the Carrara quarries in Italy, including the following varieties: Arabescato Statuario Calacatta Calacatta gold Carrara In addition to our exhaustive collection of marble varieties, we also offer an extensive range of granite, quartzite, limestone and onyx. While Italian marble is our specialty, we aim to provide an entire collection of products that match your unique design needs. In addition to providing products directly to discerning end consumers, we also liaise with architects and designers, providing custom-tailored advice and consultancy around material choices and finishes that might work best for a given project. When it would be useful to do so, we offer technical advice around the manner in which our materials are best used. One of our greatest strengths is our flexibility in the products and services we provide; our team of experts goes to great lengths to meet the unique needs of each client. The experience of working with your natural stone supplier can either make or break the experience you have with your renovation or project as a whole. Whether you’re an end user or a company working on behalf of a client, you can trust Acemar to select the right product for your job and provide quality, reliable service and advice that exceeds your expectations. We supply clients all over Europe, as well as the UK, including delivering directly to your warehouse, should that be your preference.

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