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Mantracourt Electronics Ltd

Specialists in strain gauge and load cell signal conditioners, wireless radio telemetry and high performance analogue to digital converters. OUR MISSION Back in 1974, when we founded Mantracourt, our mission was clear: to lead the field in the application of microelectronics across all sectors of industrial measurement. Over the past four decades Mantracourt, still proudly based in the Southwest of England, has fulfilled that goal. Today our mission remains the same: we continue to provide cutting-edge technology to scores of OEM sensor manufacturers and our international distribution network now spans over 30 countries. OUR FIELD Mantracourt’s mission means we have an unparalleled expertise in our field. The instrumentation we design is primarily used within load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors and temperature sensors. The areas of signal conditioning and display & control – via analogue, digital or radio wireless telemetry – are both specialities. Our clients enjoy the complete confidence that only a company of our pedigree can offer. OUR IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING PROCESS A vital part of the Mantracourt success story is our constant investment in manufacturing. Our in-house equipment includes the cutting-edge automated Surface Mount production line – based around Yamaha iPulse M10 and M20 – which consistently delivers both impeccable quality and swift adaptability for our customers. Furthermore, our Automatic Optical Inspection machine ensures every board we create has been correctly soldered and all parts are accurately placed. Our Automatic Testing Equipment gives piece of mind to our customers, its rigorous processes ensure every product we produce is of the highest possible quality. We are justifiably proud of our ISO9001:2008 certification and that the products we manufacture are ATEX approved and RoHS compliant. At Mantracourt, we believe in-house manufacturing has been vital to our sustained and continuing success.

Supplier of:

  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Junction boxes
  • Electronic converters...


Tensile, compression, material and torque testing machines from Mecmesin are used in R&D, quality control laboratories and manufacturing plants around the world to assess and to ensure the quality of raw materials, components and finished products. In business for over 30 years, the Mecmesin brand stands for excellent levels of performance and reliability, guaranteeing high levels of results and reflecting our commitment to both customer satisfaction and user-focused product development. On factory floors and in R&D laboratories around the world, our customers use Mecmesin equipment to: * Maintain consistency of manufacture * Guarantee production quality * Minimise costs, reduce waste and improve yields * Optimise design * Comply with international standards & in-house specifications GLOBAL COMPANY Operating worldwide, Mecmesin has companies in the UK, USA, Thailand and China plus a global network of factory trained distributors. INDUSTRIES SERVED Mecmesin serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, cosmetics, electrical & electronics, food & drink, health & safety, medical devices, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastics & rubber, sports equipment and textiles. WIDE RANGE OF TEST APPLICATIONS Test applications supported include compression, tension, closure torque, peel/adhesion, flexure/bend, tear, top-load, spring, crimp-joint and coefficient of friction.

Supplier of:

  • Mechanical testing equipment
  • Friction testing machines
  • Impact testing machines...
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