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A S D Lighting

ASD bring you a comprehensive range of decorative commercial lighting which has been designed, developed & manufactured to the highest standards with design flair & creativity. Offering a multitude of lamp & operating options the range provides practical solutions to an array of interior & exterior lighting applications. At ASD we have combined our skill & expertise in the design & manufacture of lighting to provide a unique portfolio of products which are not only attractive & hard wearing but include practical & time saving installation features. Our unique approach to lighting design has led us to develop products to provide practical solutions to a wide variety of internal & external applications both commercial & domestic. ASD has developed a service to ensure that we work in partnership with our customers to build a relationship that can be trusted & relied upon. We offer a unique product range with innovative features the best quality at the right price to ensure customer satisfaction. Our range of products include Amenity Lighting, Vandalproof, Down Lights, Electric Lamps or Light Bulbs, Emergency Exit Lighting, Emergency Exit Lighting Fittings, Compact Bulkhead, Emergency Exit Lighting Fittings, Fluorescent, Emergency Exit Lighting Fittings, Suspended, Edge Lit, Emergency Lighting Fittings, Decorative, Marine, Emergency Lighting Fittings, Fluorescent, Surface Mounted (SM), Emergency Lighting Fittings, Fully Recessed, Emergency Lighting Fittings, Utility, Marine, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Ceiling Mounted, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Mains, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Recessed, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Self Contained, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Slave, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Vandal Resistant, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Wall Mounted, Emergency Lighting, Bulkhead Fitting, Weatherproof, Emergency Lighting, Railway Industry, Fluorescent Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, High Frequency, Emergency, Fluorescent Lighting, High Frequency, Vandal Resistant, Globes, Lantern, Vandal Resistant, Halo, Harmony, Lamps, Lanterns, Lanterns, Coach, Lanterns, Globe, Lighting, Lighting Fittings, Decorative, Fluorescent, Surface Mounted (SM), Lighting Fittings, Weatherproof and Vandal Resistant, Interior, Lighting Fittings, Weatherproof and Vandal Resistant, Surface Mounted (SM), luorescent Lighting, Agricultural Buildings, Lighting, Amenity, Lighting, Architectural, Lighting, Decorative, Lighting, Display or Exhibition, Lighting, Emergency, Lighting, Emergency Exit, Mains Powered, Lighting, Emergency Exit, Mains Powered, Wall Mounted, Lighting, Emergency Exit, Self Contained, Lighting, Emergency Exit, Slave.

Supplier of:

  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Electric lamps
  • Fittings, pendant lamp, electric...

Ledridge Lighting

LED LIGHTING Here at Ledridge Lighting, we are a specialist LED lighting company based in Leicestershire. We are committed to supplying a fantastic collection of LED lighting products to suit any application. We have over a decade of experience and knowledge enabling us to supply to a constantly evolving range of customers including: * Electrical contractors * Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installers * Garden designers and landscapers * Architects and interior designers * Restaurant, bar and club designers * Boat builders * Caravan and trailer manufacturers * Exhibition stand manufacturers * POS and retail display manufacturers LED RIBBON We stock an impressive range of flexible LED ribbon strips for a wide variety of applications. Our LED ribbon strips are available in five metre rolls or cut lengths and in a variety of different colours. Our flexible LED ribbon strips can adhere to both concave and convex bends and comes fitted with 3M strong adhesive tape. TOP LED STRIP Our 12V rigid top LED strip has 30 LEDs per 580mm and can be cut every 58mm (3 LEDs). Our top LED strip is available in warm white or cool white colour rendering and is linkable to allow multiple strips on one driver. They have a 8mm slimline profile, perfect for plinths and shelf edges. FLEXIBLE LIGHT CHAIN We supply 12V LED flexible light chain (12 LEDs per module) with a 50x16mm miniature profile. Our flexible light chain is available in a variety of colours and is ideal for lighting small spaces or corner runs. Our flexible light chain is fitted with strong adhesive tape. WEATHERPROOF MODULES IP67 Our 12V weatherproof modules IP67 are available with either two or three LEDs per module. We supply weatherproof modules IP67 fitted with 3M strong adhesive tape. The IP67 rating makes modules suitable for outdoor use by the sign industry. WEATHERPROOF LIGHT BARS IP67 Our weatherproof light bars IP67 have 30 LEDs per light bar. Our weatherproof light bars IP67 come complete with a set of metal fixing clips and are suitable for use outdoors and contact with heavy rain, standing water, and spray.

Supplier of:

  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Lighting equipment, light emitting diode (LED)
  • Electric lighting equipment, light emitting diode (LED), indoor...
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