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Dawson Precision Components

Dawson Precision Components Ltd is a family owned and run concern, in business since 1965. We are located in the Oldham area, at the heart of the North West motorway network. Our aim is to provide a quality service, delivered on time at reasonable cost. Every possible effort is made to meet our customers requirements large or small. We are BS EN ISO 9002 registered and approved. We also have approvals from many well known companies. "Certificates of Conformity" and "Released Materials" present no problems to us. We inspect components at 1st off each operation mid-production and final inspection before package. Our continual expansion programme and increasing capacity enables us to welcome new customers without detriment to our existing customers. Our policy of constant updating has resulted in a varied machine capacity, enabling us to keep all production in-house, including the manufacture of jigs and fixtures. Our components are supplied to customers instructions and drawings, from a variety of materials including:- Titanium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Nylon, Plastics etc., and in sizes from 3mm bar to 70mm, with billets up to 6" diameter, to tolerances of 0.0002". We can provide components in any quantity from one off to tens of thousands, although our ideal batch size is a few hundred. We also have facilities for small batch sub-assemblies and prototype work.

  • Health, medical and pharmaceutical
  • Prostheses, medical
  • Bone screws, orthopaedic...
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