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F S Cables

Stockist and distributors of Data, Signal, Telephone, Marine, Fire Resistant & Control Cables. FS Cables offer next day delivery to the UK mainland with no cut off time. Working together with FSC Global we are able to meet all your export and overseas needs, delivering cable where you want it when you want it Stock includes cables manufactured by: ABB, AEI, AMER CABLE, ANDREWS, ANDREW COAX, ALCATEL, ALPHA, ARISTON, BICC, BELDEN, BRAND REX, CALFLEX, CCI, CAROL, COMMSCOPE, DATWYLER, DELTA, DRAKA, GCI, GENERAL CABLE, HUBER AND SUHNER, LAPP KABEL, LEONI, NEK, NEXANS, NOSKAB, PALAZZO, PIRELLI, PYROTENAX, RAYCHEM, RAYDEX, ROCKBESTOS, SIEMENS, TAYLOR COAX, TCL, TIMES MICROWAVE, TYCO, THERMAX, OKONITE. Products Included : Telephone cables & Telecom wire to the following standard CW1128, CW1198, CW1179, CW1308, CW1600, CW1044, JYY, JY(ST)Y, JHH, JH(ST)H, A2Y F(L)2Y. Signal, Data, Control unscreened and Screened including YY, LiYY, LiYCY, Li2YCY, CY, LiHH, LiHCH, Twisted pair, Flexible Cable, LSHF, LSZH, LSF, LOW SMOKE HALOGEN FREE, LOW SMOKE AND FUME, LOW SMOKE ZERO HALOGEN, AUDIO, ROBOT, ROBOTIC, CHAIN CABLE, PUR, POLYURETHANE, SPIRAL, H05ZZ-K HO5ZZK, H05Z-K, HO5ZK, HO7Z-K, HO7ZK, HO7RNF, HO7-RNF, COAX CABLE, COAXIAL CABLE CO-AX CO-AXIAL BT2001, BT2002, BT2003, BT3002 TZC TZC75024 TZC75025, RA7000, RA8000, CT100, CT125, CT165, CT233 WF100 WF125, WF165, WF233, HF109, RG URM BFOU, RFOU, 3182B, 3183B, 3184B, 3185B, 2491B, 6701B, COAX, RADIO FREQUENCY SUPPLIES, RFS, CORRUGATED COAX, MARINE CABLE, SHIP WIRING, SWA, HELIAX

Supplier of:

  • Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
  • Cables, ropes, bands and tapes, metal
  • Cables, metal, covered...
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