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AG Branding Solutions

AG Chemical Branding Solutions Ltd brings twenty eight years of experience in the aerosol manufacturing sector which allows us to serve a wide variety of customers and fulfill products to their best quality. We are able to offer a vast range of products such as bottled spray cleaning liquids, car and household cleaning solutions, along with many other products which we can fulfill based on your requirements. As our constant strive to grow and expand we offer laboratory testing facilities to aid production of new and bespoke products,as well as continual development of existing formulas and bases. Our products range: Technical Aerosols Joist Cleaning Aerosols Cleaning and Degreasing Aerosols Based On Isopropyl Alcohol Silicone Oils Vaseline Oils Ice Freeze Solutions Penetrant Solutions Leak Detectors Lubricants Vehicle Cleaning Aerosols Dashboard Cleaning Aerosols (Shine/Matt Finish) Rim Cleaning Aerosols Tyre Shine Window Cleaning Foams Upholstery Cleaning Solutions Household Solutions Window and Mirror Cleaning Foam Air Fresheners Furniture Cleaning Solutions Solutions for Cleaning and Protection of Leather Furniture Stove Glass Cleaner Computer Cleaning Solutions Air Duster Foam Based Solutions for Plastics, Glass Foam Based Solutions for LCD/TFT/LED Displays Foam Based Solutions for Touch Screens Sticky Label Removers Cosmetics Deodorants Shaving Foams Shaving Gels Makeup Cleansing Water Other Gas Lighter Refill Leaf Shine Spray All the way to bespoke and new products that are upcoming FOR MORE INFORMATION Call Us On: tel. 0800 046 7602 , mob. 079 277 00 630, or e-mail:

  • Plastic containers
  • Containers, plastic, aerosol
  • Plastic products for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries...

Maclin Sourcing Solutions Ltd

Maclin Group are a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 registered company developing, producing & supplying a wide range of Chemical based cleaning, maintenance & hygiene products for the industrial, institutional, catering, food processing, medical & care sector, engineering, printing, retail markets, facilities management & more. We specialise on OWN LABEL - with new Digital Print Technology, Own Label is now an affordable option without onerous set up costs - call us for more info. We produce chlorine tablets, impregnated wet wipes, de-icers, flame retardant, liquids, powders, gels, and more...... We produce for many leading UK & European Retailers, Distributors, Industrial Clients, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Food Production & Catering companies, Cruise Lines, Rail Networks, Car Manufactures, Facilities Management Companies etc. See our products Maclin Products Menu above for specifics but our extensive range includes: Chlorine Bleach Tablet 70% Alcohol Gel products Ice Melt XM - salt free, non corrosive and melts ice quickly and efficiently to much lower temperatures than salt. Coffee Machine Cleaning & Vending Hygiene Products Spillage Control Products including disposables such as scoops & scraper, aprons & gloves Medical Wipes Gym Sanitizing Products Food Production & Catering Wipes Graffiti Wipes Flame Retardant Liquid Beaded Hand Cleaners, Barrier & Afterwork Creams Hand Cleaning Wipes We have developed specialist applications for clients such as Whirlpool, Hot Tub & Spa Conditioners, Biofilm removers etc We specialise in products for Stove & Fireplace Industry including Ultra High Temp Paints, Polishes, Chimney Cleaners, Rope Glue, Caulking etc. In collaboration, we developed and Arsenic detection system for UNICEF for water borehole testing. Radioactive Decontamination Fluid & Wipes for a major Nuclear Decommissioning company. Please contact us with your requirements and our technical team will respond:

  • Chemicals, by use, NES
  • Defrosting and de-icing compounds, chemical
  • Chemicals for mining and oil extraction...
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