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Al-ko Kober Ltd

Since 1931, AL-KO Kober have been manufacturing premium, high quality components used in the Automotive, Commercial and Leisure industries. Quality For Life . represents the core value of the organisation across the extensive range of products manufactured by AL-KO in all our business areas. The extensive range of chassis components, premium accessories and spare parts are engineered to last, ensuring whatever product you have purchased, you will benefit from the generations of development and enjoy a lifetime of service. AL-KO work globally with world leading organisations in the development of market leading products and solutions for commercial and leisure vehicles for all sectors. AMC Design Concepts offer safety and comfort. Lightweight . AMC chassis are specially engineered to provide the maximum strength and stability within the lightest possible frame. Low frame - The AMC low frame chassis assists in the design and production of sleek, low-line motorhomes. Up to 220mm lower than the original frame, AMC enables manufacturers to create more spacious and flexible single and tandem axle vehicles. Additional storage areas can be designed into the space . and cables, pipes and water tanks can also be connected neatly within: Axle Technology . Patented technology underpins the entire construction of the motorhome, providing a perfect connection between the AMC chassis and the driver.s cab. AL-KO TORSION BAR SUSPENSION . The well positioned torsion bar suspension axle provides balanced weight distribution and improves the drive axle traction. TRAILING LINK AXLE . Improved driving comfort, due to lower unsprung masses; no unpleasant resonances or structure vibration ensures passenger comfort; greater drive axle traction . first class wheel grip optimises braking efficiency; minimal noise development due to the special design of the AMC rear axle; optional Air Suspension Units available. The AL-KO chassis has a hot dip galvanised finish to improve durability and ensure extended service life.

Supplier of:

  • Light trailers
  • Trailers, light, goods
  • Trailers, light, self-assembly...
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