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Cleaning products and detergents, by use
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Borg & Overström

Borg & Overström

About us We're designers and makers of world-class drinking water solutions. Our story began with a passion for excellence and a desire to always be the best at what we do. Since our first office water cooler design, our commitment to innovation has driven our global success. Originality is our cornerstone In everything we do we believe in challenging mediocrity. Every Borg & Overström water dispenser and tap system is built to exceed expectations. Global reach for enhanced refreshment Our international facilities and relationships give our distributors the edge. Route to market - Our customers are our distributors We do not sell and never have sold direct to an end user. A 100% commitment to trade only We created the Borg & Overström Academy to give our distributors enhanced access to our mission and vision. Our training empowers our partners to become leaders in their marketplace, and to become technical and servicing experts. Marketing support Because our success depends on yours, we go out of our way to provide you with the best in marketing support as a Borg & Overström distributor. Whether it’s personalised printed and digital marketing, display materials for your showroom, or a full suite of media assets (images, videos, logos, and more), we supply them. Manufacturing Produced in the UK to stringent quality control measures, our OEM and Borg & Overström branded water machine systems come with a standard one year warranty. We are proud to partner with world-class, industry leading brands Become a distributor

  • Cleaning products and detergents, by use
  • Cleaning products for drinking water supply installations
  • Drink or food dispensers for the catering industry...

K C C Basildon Chemicals

Antifoams, silicone greases, silicone release agents, silicone softeners. Suppliers of silicone fluids. Contract manufacturing. WHO WE ARE As a major European manufacturer of silicone compounds, Basildon Chemicals supplies its specialist products worldwide via a well established network of distributors. For over thirty years we have been at the forefront of producing high quality silicone products for use in numerous applications. Our silicone emulsions and antifoams are found in some of the world's biggest home brands with our market coverage expanding every year. Our extensive technical knowledge and abilities within the industry mean that Basildon Chemicals are ideally placed to satisfy your requirements for silicone products. Whether it's an off the shelf product from our standard range, or a bespoke product to meet a particular requirement, we can help solve your challenges or add value to your formulation. How can we help you today? CUSTOMER SERVICE Our Company philosophy is very simple we listen to you, in order to supply the products you need, in the form you wish to receive them, and in the time scale you require them. As a worldwide exporter currently selling to 5 of the 7 continents in the world, we satisfy the requirements of companies large and small, wherever they may be. INDUSTRIES Agrochemicals Car Care Food Production Fermentation General Industrial Home Care Inks & Coatings Personal Care & Cosmetics Pharmaceuticals Rubber & Plastics Textiles Water Treatment PRODUCTS Silicone Antifoams (Food, Pharmaceutical and Kosher grades available) Non-silicone Antifoams Silicone Emulsions Silicone Fluids (Blends and Modified Silicones available) Europe, Middle East, Africa, Pacific Rim, South Asia, North and South America. Agents worldwide. Details on request.

  • Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals for textiles
  • Fabric softeners and conditioners for the textile industry...

Astral Hygiene

An independent family business where service counts. Our mission is to be on the same team as our customers. We want to provide outstanding customer service with highest quality products at the lowest prices. We will work diligently to make sure your orders are filled properly and promptly. Our customers will know we are there for them and will not lose sight of that responsibility and privilege. Astral Hygiene began its journey in 1992 specialising in the Hygiene and Janitorial sector. Astral Hygiene services clients throughout the UK, having grown substantially since we opened the doors. The firm is operated by a board of directors who are equipped with knowledge, experience and expertise in our core discipline of hygiene and janitorial supplies unrivalled by our competitors. We are proud of where we are today, and are excited by what tomorrow may bring. The business supplies various cleaning, hygiene and janitorial products, including Diversey, TORK, SCA and TASKI products. Sourced from the UK, the products are particularly suitable for business and domestic markets and can help reduce cost. Enabling clients to work in a safer cleaner environment throughout the year, the company supplies businesses with a professional cleaning and janitorial product selection. We are now in a position to offer state of the art warehousing facilities, to offer our clients and future clients janitorial supplies however large in size and scale. Astral Hygiene Ltd has an expanding customer base, based in the UK, Astral Hygiene Ltd are now distributing to all parts of the UK including many large leading prominent businesses and government facilities.

  • Cleaning products and detergents, by use
  • Detergents for dry-cleaning
  • Detergents, oil well drilling, rig cleaning...
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