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Omnikote Ltd

Omnikote Ltd

Nylon coating, Polyester powder coating, wet and powder applied Epoxy coatings, PTFE coatings, plastic coating processors, stove enamelling and two-pack paints. Specialists in warm to the touch ("not cold to the touch") Nylon Coated handrails and balustrades to comply with "document M" and DDA regulations. Anti-microbial (anti-bacterial) Nylon coatings. Nylon R-AG (Anti-graffiti) specialist coatings for the rail industry. Pre-treatments include gritblasting, phosphating, and zinc metal spraying. Comprehensive, versatile finishing service with five separate plants of differing sizes enabling fast turnaounds on one-offs and prototypes or long runs and high volumes. Key phrases: Nylon Coatings Key phrases: Polyester Powder Coatings Key phrases: Plastic Coating Processors Key phrases: Architectural Coatings Key phrases: Powder Coatings Key phrases: Nylon Powder Coatings Key phrases: Wet Applied Processes Key phrases: Dipping Processes Key phrases: Wet Spray Key phrases: Fluidized bed dipping Key phrases: Wet Applied Systems Key phrases: Specialist Colour Matching Key phrases: Masking & Shielding Key phrases: Pre - Treatments, degreasing Key phrases: Pre- Treatments , grit blasting Key phrases: Functional Powder Coatings Key phrases: Anti Microbial Key phrases: Nylon handrail coating Key phrases: Wet functional coatings Key phrases: Handrails Key phrases: Powder Coaters

Supplier of:

  • Plastic coating services
  • Lining and coating services with rubber and plastic materials
  • Spray coating and cocooning services, plastic...
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