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Cherwell Laboratories

Cherwell Laboratories is an ISO9001 accredited company dedicated to delivering excellence in product quality and service. We offer a fully integrated range of high quality products for environmental monitoring and validation of sterilisation processes. We are a UK based manufacturer of our Redipor range of prepared media supplying the pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Cherwell is also the UK agent for a range of air monitoring equipment and biological indicators for a variety of applications. Our extensive Redipor range of high quality products includes Petri dishes, contact plates, gamma irradiated media, sterility testing media, injection vials, broth in bags and ampoules. We also specialise in supplying bespoke prepared media solutions and low volume requirements. The SAS range of portable microbial air monitoring equipment includes solutions for clean room monitoring, compressed air monitoring, isolator sampling and indoor air quality monitoring. We also provide a service and re-calibration facility for all models of SAS air samplers. An extensive range of biological indicators suitable for sterilisation monitoring and validation is now available from Cherwell Laboratories. The range includes spore strips, spore suspensions, self-contained biological indicators, industrial use biological indicators and chemical indicators for sterilisation applications including steam, dry heat, hydrogen peroxide vapour, Ethelyne Oxide, formaldehyde, Chlorine Dioxide and gamma irradiation. Further products include Dipslides for water and surface testing and the MiniCub mini incubator which is ideal for use with dipslides. Key words: Environmental Monitoring & Process Validation, Environmental Air Monitoring Meters, Cleanroom Decontamination Products

Supplier of:

  • Culture media, fresh cell culture solutions
  • Bacteriological culture media
  • Culture media for microbiology...
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