New range of latch clamps from Elesa with safety release trigger

MTS-S-Latch clamps weldable

The new Elesa range of latch clamps with safety release trigger offer easy installation and robust operation of industrial jigs, fixtures and fittings, or for temporary assembly and closure of packing containers. They are ideal for torsioning of covers and frameworks or for… Read More

High performing stainless steel standard components from Elesa

High performing stainless steel standard components

The Elesa stainless steel program of standard components offers high performance in all areas – they are rugged and corrosion-resistant, with classic design style so as to enhance any equipment to which they are fitted. Spoked handwheels, locking lobe knobs and hook… Read More

High performing soft-touch operating elements and clamping components from Elesa

Elesa soft touch knobs and handles

These Elesa Grip knobs, control knobs and handles represent their “SOFT” LINE – commonly known as “soft-touch”, these new elements have been developed for use on machinery and equipment requiring frequent tightening, or for applications subject to severe stress. The major characteristics of… Read More