10 reasons you need to refresh your sales and marketing data

10 reasons to update sales and marketing data

With GDPR just around the corner now more than ever you need to ensure that you do not use poor quality data, because this can result in…

1. Putting your company’s reputation at risk

Not referencing the right information, be it contact, company or product/service could damage your company’s status.

2. Inaccurate targeting & segmentation

Failure to focus your sales and marketing efforts by targeting the wrong customer segments creates inefficiency and poor ROI. Identifying the right companies, data profiles, locations, size and activity/interest is vital to successful customer engagement..

3. Demotivating your sales team

Wasting their valuable time & resources on following up poor data leads is both ineffective and discouraging.

4. Potential waste by medium

The days of mass mailing are long gone, marketing campaigns whether they are direct mail, print or email are a costly experience. Ensuring you have a good quality of data in the right numbers is really important.

5. The potential loss of customers

Out of date data relating to your customers, will not endear your company to those clients & can reflect badly on your reputation.

6. The inability to efficiently track lead sources

Being unable to monitor the effectiveness of your sales campaigns can adversely impact future sales & marketing strategy.

7. A negative impact on future sales

Potential clients will not take kindly to poor data relating to their company, which could affect the opportunity to win new business.

8. Conflict within your sales teams

Inaccurate and poor legacy data is difficult for any sales team to work effectively with.  It causes issues in the follow up to calls and limits co-ordination of customer touch-points, this can cause frustration and negativity for your sales teams.

Kompass B2B Data

We are data specialists. We’ve been in the B2B data industry for over 60 years; it’s what we do best. And we enjoy helping businesses to understand customer data and how to use it to best effect. We have some impressive data numbers and we operate across the globe. Most importantly is our data collection process, we are a quality data provider and this means we follow very strict rules in our processes. We collect data direct from source in each country. This ensures you are using the very best quality data which in turn provides you with better long term sales results for your business.  We have our own unique classification system which is very specific and makes data mining a fine art.

For more information on how we can help you refresh your data, please contact us – 0800 0185 882 or email sales@kompass.co.uk

Click here to download our guide to 10 reasons to refresh your data

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